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Publications and Interviews

I am Flesh, Book, Doppelgänger: Image of the Human Being by Gestalten, 2011, DE
Roger Weiss, Blink Magazine, Cover + 14 pages, 2012, Korea
35 An Ethnophotographic Project, Twill Magazine, 10 Pages, 2010, Fr
I ma Flesh, NY Art Magazine, 2011, NY
Voglio scoprire nuovi territori da esplorare e raccontare, Ticino Welcome Magazine, 6 Pages, 2013, CH
Roger Weiss, Fotocomputer Magazine Nr. 67, 6 Pages, IT
These photographs explore new perspectives of female beauty, Dazed, Text Ione Gamble, 20.06.2016, UK
Roger Weiss, Hestetika Magazine Nr. 23, 8 Pages, October, 2016, IT
Roger Weiss, Digit! Magazine Nr. 5, 8 Pages, October/November, 2016, DE
Human Dilatations – Roger Weiss Creates Mind-Blowing Portraits of Dilated Female Bodies, 02.05.2016 Fotografia Magazine
Un homme en mouvement: portrait de l'artiste de Thurgovie Roger Weiss, Les Blogs De l'art helvétique contemporain, Interview by Jean Paul Gavard Perret, 23.07.2015
Alessia Glaviano interviews Swiss artist Roger Weiss who with his images investigates the representation of the body. Vogue Italia, Interview by Alessia Glaviano, 05.04.2015, IT
Human Dilatations, RSI (Swiss Television), Cult TV 109, Interview by Claudia Quadri, 30.03.2014, CH

Human Dilatations

Human Dilatations is a glimpse of the lack the contemporary human being, bared of the two elements that distinguish his quest: the physical perfection and the actual power/role of the mind. Each image represents a body whose proportions are partially distorted and prevails over a head that dissolves, without leaving a trace.

My path began with the approach of the image of women of our times has been reduced to a pattern, a combination of codes and models that lead to the woman/individual instead of the other way around. Human Dilatations does not fear the marks of frailness of the body and its imperfections but rather encourages the female image to appear as a whole: a shape by itself, in a game of distortions that allows one to differently relate to the image, entirely detached from the stereotypical and hypocritical notion of beauty.

My challenge is to seek the essence of the female being in a dimension that goes beyond the logos, through my vision – the one of a male. In order to do so I referred to the Neolithic as a starting point. The symbolism of the Godded and the mystery around life, death and regeneration. A cycle represented by a large complex of symbols, which survived over millennia of time, and present even before the patriarchal religions. When analyzing the small statues (made of bone, stone or terracotta) dating back to the stone age I immediately perceived their pure essence and fragility.


The Project_drawing and collage, Hd020ph, 2013, Collage of 150 photographs, Detail

Inspired by the Kintsugi Japanese technique, the subject is fragmented and then reassembled, unifying a series of hundreds of photos into a single image. The resulting vision is a particular and hdetailed analysis of every detail of the body whose proportions are partially distorted through the combination of different photographic optics during the shooting.


Cmp001ph, 2015, Collage of 210 photographs
Cmp003ph, 2015, Collage of 231 Photographs
Cmp002ph, 2015, Collage of 129 Photographs
Cmp006ph, 2015, Collage of 313 Photographs / Cmp004ph, 2015, Collag. 141 Photographs
Cmp005ph, 2015, Collage of 204 Photographs

Cmp005ph Video excerpt


Mth024ph, 2017, Collage of 476 photographs
Mth022ph, 2016, Collage of 264 photographs

Mth022ph Video Detail

Mth017ph, 2016, Collage of 198 photographs

Mth017ph Video Detail

Mth023ph, 2016, Collage of 315 photographs

Mth023ph Video Detail

Mth014ph, 2016, Collage of 268 photographs

Mth014ph Video Detail

Mth011ph, 2015, Collage of 263 photographs
Mth011ph, 2015, C-Print / Diasec, 210x150cm, 263 photographs_Mth011ph_DETAIL
Mth002ph, 2014, Collage of 145 photographs
Monoliths_selected works
Mth013ph, 2016, Collage of 164 photographs

Mth013ph Video Detail

Mth019ph, 2016, Collage of 292 photographs

Mth019ph Video Detail

Mth016ph, 2016, Collage of 346 photographs

Mth016ph Video Detail

Mth018ph, 2016, Collage of 218 photographs

Mth018ph Video Detail

Mth020ph, 2016, Collage of 194 photographs

Mth018ph Video Detail

Mth021ph, 2016, Collage of 232 photographs

Mth021ph Video Detail

My beautiful broken women_Portrait

Inspired by the Kintsugi Japanese technique, the subject is fragmented and then reassembled, unifying a series of hundreds of photos into a single image. The resulting vision is a particular and detailed analysis of every detail of the subject.

Prt003ph, 2015, Collage of 115 photographs
Prt006ph, 2016, Collage of 249 photographs
Prt005ph, 2015, Collage of 212 photographs_Prt004ph, 2015, Collage of 135 photographs

Prt005ph Video Detail

Prt001ph, 2015, Collage of 287 Photographs

Prt001ph Video Detail

Human Dilatations_Hd

Hd037ph, 2016, Collage of 111 Photographs

Hd037ph Video Detail

Hd002ph, 2013, Collage of 297 Photographs
Hd008/009/010ph, 2013, Collage of 57/59/22 Photographs
Hd021ph, 2013, Collage of 41 Photographs
Hd030ph, 2015, Collage of 400 Photographs
Hd006ph, 2013, Collage of 101 Photographs
Hd032ph, 2015, 156 Photographs
Hd003ph, 2013, Collage of 44 Photographs
Hd003ph, True Giclée Print
Hd005ph, Hd004ph, Hd024ph, hd035ph,Hd029ph, Hd015ph
Hd019ph, 2013, 22 Photographs
Hd031ph, 2015, Collage of 81 Photographs
Hd007ph, 2013, Collage of 57 Photographs
Hd034ph, 2015, 134 Photographs

Hd034ph_Video Detail

Hd020ph, 2013, Collage of 150 Photographs
Hd025ph, 2014, Collage of 308 Photographs
Hd036ph, 2016, Collage of 98 Photographs
Hd038ph, 2016, Collage of 101 Photographs

Hd038ph Video Detail

Hd039ph, 2016, Collage of 129 Photographs

Hd039ph Video Detail

Hd040ph, 2016, Collage of 128 Photographs

Hd040ph Video Detail

Hd041ph, 2016, Collage of 187 Photographs

Hd041ph Video Detail


Exhibited at: Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut, 2004, DAI Heidelberg, DE. Curated by Jakob J. Köllhofer
Sp001-002PH, 2004 Gum Bichromate Print, 130 × 45 cm, Collage of 19/12 Photographs
Sp003PH, 2004, Gum Bichromate Print, 70 × 130 cm, Collage of 12 Photographs

The whole Suspension large format serie is realized with the Gum bichromate photographic printing process.

Gum bichromate printing is a multi-layered printing process of the 19th-century and involves creating a working emulsion made of three components: Gum arabic, a dichromate (usually ammonium or potassium) and pigments.

The emulsion is spread on a support, such as paper, and allowed to dry. A negative is then laid over top the emulsion and exposed to a UV light source. Usually a contact printing device or a sheet of heavy glass to ensure even, constant contact is employed. The light source will harden the dichromate in proportion to the densities of your negative. After exposure, the paper is placed in a series of plain water baths and allowed to develop until the unhardened portions of the emulsion have dissipated.

Suspension, selected works

I am Flesh

“I am Flesh” bodies make up reality: 35 naked women of childbearing age meticulously filmed and photographed in their primeval condition where each body calls on us to share a relationship in which mutual alienations become the premise of understanding.

IaF006ph, 2008, 230x160cm, Collage of 41 Photographs
IaF007ph, 2009, 230x160cm, Collage of 96/97 Photographs
IaF010ph, 2009, 230x160cm, Collage of 65 Photographs
IaF004/028/035ph, 2009/2009/2013, 230x160cm, Collage of 86/36/108 Photographs
IaF008ph, 2009, 230x160cm, Collage of 95 Photographs


This extraordinary resemblance to the truth is achieved by means of a special technique whereby each image is composed of 47,244 x 32,864 pixels per inch, equivalent to 400x278cm printable area at 300 dpi.

IaF013ph, 2008, C-Print Diasec, 57/67 photograms


Break the Mirror

Break the Mirror – a video performances series in which the subject relates to himself through the process of breathing. Each piece is projected face-to-face with another one, creating the friction experienced during an encounter.

Exhibited at: Screaming Screen, Gervasuti Fondation, Venice (Italy), 2012

BrM001/002vd Video excerpt

Cyclical Time

Time is the theme of the work. The silhouette of a woman crossing water, by definition the vital element by, on which the video of a forest on the border between two nations is projected. Her passing through the stream causes a series of concentric circles that disappear one by one, creating the illusion of the passage of time.

Exhibited at: PArCo | Padiglione Arte Contemporanea, Casier, 2012 Curated by Chiara Mssini

Video excerpt

Video Full HD 16:9 Colors 00:17:56, 2012, Performer Anahì Traversi


“I capture fragments about the human tragedy, documenting failures and yearnings, weaknesses and strengths, pains and joys, rights violated and rights upheld. “

Roger Weiss was born in Switzerland and began experimenting with photography from an early age.

Graduated with a Mention of Excellence from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan (Italy).

His curiosity for the expressions of humankind open him the path to an artistic approach.

Today, he performs as an artist as well as a fashion photographer.

Photo courtesy ©Valentina De' Mathà



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