Gang Violence By: Sarina, tyece, Vyom, and Yashmeen

In this meme there is a boy with an ‘x’ taped over his mouth. This is saying that the people in these gangs are unwilling to provide the necessary information to the police that they need in order to control these gangs in Abbotsford. They fear the consequences of being disloyal to the rest of the gang and therefore do not share their information.
In this meme there is a child holding a gun, with the gun in focus and the child out of focus. Around the room there are some butterflies on the wall and Spongebob is on the TV. What this meme is trying to portray is that parents can influence the way their child is raised by giving them a safe childhood, but once the child grows up, the parents have less and less of a choice as to how their children behave.
In this meme there is a man sitting in a lounge chair with a blindfold on and a glass of wine in his hand. What this meme is trying to portray is that the community is unaware of the violence around them, the drive-by shootings and other conflict. They sit back and relax and let it all happen, ignoring the dangerous issues.
In this meme there are two cops at the front door of a woman’s house. What this meme is trying to portray is that the mother is speaking to the cops after they have come to discuss gang violence and her son’s involvement. They are all laughing together, which is supposed to show that they have avoided the serious problem that they came to discuss. Therefore, the mother has protected her son from the consequences of gang involvement.
In this meme there are statues that are covering their mouths, eyes, and ears. This meme portrays the aspect of communities being ignorant of gang violence in their neighborhoods. Many citizens don’t have an understanding of the violence that is happening in their town, and those that are aware of it act like they are trying to ignore the problems as if ignorance will make them go away.
In this meme there is a cemetery. What this meme is trying to portray, is that the gang life is dangerous. There are many risks that have to be taken to be a part of it and it is not always worth it. Many gang members each year are killed in senseless acts. Also, it is very hard to get out of the gang life and survive, as you will always have a target on your back from your former members.


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