#MakeYourMarkMustangs Tucker Creek Middle 2017-2018

Back to School 2017=SUCCESS! This school year, Tucker Creek Middle welcomed a new administrative team, Ms. Claudia Casey and Mr. Stephen Currie. There were several changes made to the building this summer and our motto #makeyourmarkmustangs is buzzing through the hallways and in classrooms.
Back to School Dance Our students had a BLAST at the back to school dance!
Yearbook Class The Mustang Yearbook Class before heading out on their first assignment- the back to school dance!
Go Mustangs! Twins, Maggie and Melaney Caudill posing for a picture before their first volleyball match!
Storyboards in Science Ms. Carol Waters's 7th grade science classes are thinking outside the box and using their creativity to construct story boards using the website Storyboard That. Students were instructed to create a story of a water droplet going through the entire water cycle process. 7th grader, Jackson Mills describes the steps of the activity by stating "We are making a storyboard from the point of view of a water droplet." Sarah Crocker (pictured below) describes the activity as "a fun project where we get to tell about a water droplet's adventure through the water cycle."

Breaking OUT" in the Learning Commons!

Library orientation this year was a little different than the traditional walk through of the Dewey Decimal System and circulation. Every student at Tucker Creek Middle School participated in a Breakout EDU game. Students had to solve a series of clues to unlock five different locks- including directional, key, three digit, four digit, and word locks. Students worked in groups of four, with each table assigned an "engineer." Engineers volunteered their skills prior to beginning the game, and these students were spread evenly, so each table had at least one expert. Heather Montero, Media Coordinator at TCMS, said, "It was incredible watching students work together to solve the clues. We have such talented students at Tucker Creek." 8th grade student Kayden Washer described the game by saying "I had to push my brain a little bit further than I usually do...it was very challenging and so satisfying when you were able to solve a clue and open a lock."

Students had to solve clues to unlock each of these locks! Clues were placed all over the media center! Students working together to solve clues!

Swabbing the School for Science

8th Grade students participated in an experiment involving growing bacteria. Mr. Glass's and Mrs. Sumners's classes ventured out of the classroom and around the school to swab different surfaces and objects. After taking samples, students then observed the growth of bacteria colonies on Petri dishes. Growth was documented for three days. Students discovered mold and bacteria in several common areas within the school. Students recommended Lysol wipes to teachers for cleaning areas with the most bacteria. Bus seats seem to be the most "disgusting" as reported from 8th grade students.

8th grade students sharing their Petri dishes with their bacteria colonies. Students found that bus seats are pretty nasty, after swabbing places all around campus. After growing bacteria colonies, students wrote letters to staff members describing their findings.
Working Together Seventh grade students pair up to complete assignments including researching new topics and peer editing essays.


Mustang Football 2017

Mustang Football 2017

Mustang Football 2017

Mustang Football 2017

Lady Mustang Volleyball 2017

Lady Mustang Volleyball 2017

Lady Mustang Volleyball 2017

Lady Mustang Volleyball 2017

"Everybody clap your hands!"

Our back to school dance was a hit! Students had a great time singing, dancing, and enjoying quality time with their friends. We even saw some of the teachers out on the dance floor. Snow cones, DJ Howard spinning our favorite hits, and lots of Mustang pride- everyone had a great time!

Goal Met!!!! Thank you for all of your support during our fall Book Fair! We reached our sales goal of $2,500! We will host another fair in April.
MTACS-28 from Cherry Point adopts Tucker Creek Middle Our school was adopted by MTACS-28 from Cherry Point in an official ceremony on Friday, October 20, 2017. The Mustang Band and Chorus members provided beautiful music. We are so excited to have these wonderful marines as our partners.

Classroom Innovations & Adventures

Eight of our TCMS students turned the tables on us by becoming the teachers during our Professional Development day this month. Each student presented a cool new technology that focused on virtual reality, augmented reality, and or 360 degree video. Teachers rotated through each of the eight stations and were able to experience hands-on, technology tools, with their expert help. Thank you Sam, Michael, Ayanna, Aiden, Aaron, Mia, Gavin, and Zach for giving up part of your day off for us. You were awesome! A special thank you to Mrs. Michelle Smith, CTE teacher at TCMS, for documenting our experiences in the above video- which was shown at this month's monthly school board meeting. Great things are happening at Tucker Creek Middle!

7th Grade Global Awareness

Students in Mr. Howard's and Ms. Hughes's social studies/ELA classes came to the Learning Commons to participate in an activity that illustrated the refugee experience. Connor Randall, 7th grader at TCMS, described the activity by saying "It did a good job of showing us how hard it is to balance everything. You may be focusing on one problem, and something else falls behind. It showed us that it is hard to keep all of the important, everyday, needs cared for, when you are a refugee."

Balancing Life's Demands

Students were able to get a tiny glimpse of the struggles of many refugees and how it is to balance these demands.


Refugees have tremendous responsibilities that those of us who have never experienced these struggles, will never understand. This lesson illustrated those struggles.


Students used balloons to represent the many things a refugee has to balance and prioritize.

Weather Balloon VR Trip 7th Grade science students took a trip through earth's atmosphere via weather balloon. Using Google Cardboard, students participated in a virtual reality experience that took them over 90,000 feet into the earth's stratosphere. The balloon traveled at 60 mph. 7th grader, Brytnie Lively, described her travels as "an amazing experience." Student reflections through Padlet showed tremendous excitement and appreciation for the experience. Many students commented about the way the clouds looked from the viewpoint of the weather balloon.
Biotechnology and Infographics Students in Mr. Glass's eighth grade science class explored topics in biotechnology using online databases through NC WiseOwl. Instead of writing the traditional report for their articles, students used the website Piktochart to create an infographic of the information they discovered. Below is a snippet of Austin LaBarbera's infographic.

Community Connections

Teachers at Tucker Creek Middle have partnered up with talented members from our community to teach our students real world applications. From meteorologists, small business owners, doctors, and photographers, to lead anchors from our local news station, we had a great time learning from the professionals.

Mighty Mustangs and Meteorology

Belkys Melendez and Shane Kearns from the National Weather Service out of Newport presented a variety of weather related topics to the 7th grade science students. Students learned about the tools that meteorologists use to forecast the weather, severe weather events, and safety tips for preparing for severe weather.
Brian North Visits the Trailblazer Team Mr. Brian North, news anchor and Sports Director from WCTI News, visited the Mustang Yearbook Staff to share his knowledge on sports coverage. Students enjoyed discussing photography, sports lingo and coverage, and their mutual love for media with Mr. North.

Applying Real World Skills in CTE

Students in Mrs. Ann Frazier's 7th grade CTE classes, learned about what it takes to be a small business owner this month. Mrs. Virginia Spencer, owner of Carolina Creations, brought 75 products from her local business and created a display for students to view and provide feedback on what products they would be interested in seeing on her inventory. Student then used data to create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. "It was interesting and challenging at the same time" says Jakob Hutson, 7th grade Mustang. Another student, Samantha Wagner, described the experience as "requiring a lot of work and effort." Zi'Mani Haskins-Hall adds "It was really cool being able to see all of the items and having the opportunity to help a community member with her business inventory." Overall, this was a great experience for our students!
Photography Techniques in Yearbook Class Our yearbook class worked with Ms. Brenda Dail, from Palmtree Digital, to learn the proper way to use their cameras. Our students love working with Ms. Dail. She's always willing to share her knowledge with our students.

Discussing the Dangers of Smoking in Health Class

Dr. Ronald Preston, M.D. of CCHS (New Bern) visits Mr. Allran's Health classes on a regular basis to offer smoking and vaping prevention programs and lessons. The focus of the presentation covers the addictive nature of nicotine, e-vaping, and the health consequences of primary and secondary smoke. It has turned out to be quite a partnership among CCHC, Craven County Partners in Education, and Craven County Schools. The students always enjoy Dr. Preston's message and look forward to the "goodie bag" he brings for them. Thank you, Dr. Preston, for sharing your knowledge and time with our students!
Environmental Engineering at Fleet Readiness Center East- NavAir Mr. Mike Rice, environmental engineer, from the Fleet Readiness Center East at Cherry Point, visited Tucker Creek to discuss with 7th grade students how environmental conditions affect our community and the way structures need to be designed to withstand those conditions.
Tinkercad in the Classroom Mr. Randall Lewis, engineer fro FRC East at Cherry Point, demonstrated the construction of 3D home models using the program Tinkercad.

Clubs at Tucker Creek

Eccentric Expressions

Mr. Angoco's students enjoy expressing themselves through acting/drama during club time.

Artistic Expression Club

Ms. Arnold helps a student with her project during club time.

Yard Games

Jack Ferry enjoying a little corn hole during the yard games club.

Guitar Club

Students enjoying guitar club with Mr. Glass!


The Mindful Mustangs meeting outside for a moment to relax and practice mindfulness.

High School Media Workshop at East Carolina University The TCMS yearbook staff traveled to Greenville, NC on October 12th, for the annual High School Media Workshop. Students attended three sessions, including: meeting a former editor for Teen Vogue magazine, yearbook coverage, and photography. The trip was a great success and students and advisors learned many new skills to bring back to our Mustang yearbook- the Trailblazer!

Mustang Football vs. Pamlico Middle

Mustang Volleyball vs. Havelock Middle

Mustang Soccer

Student Showcase at the New Bern Public Library

Ms. Casey and Ms. Arnold Celebrating our Mustang artists at New Bern Craven County Public Library!

Student Council Elections

This year, TCMS will have its own Student Council. The Mustangs are very excited about this opportunity. Ms. Casey has made having an active Student Council a major priority. Tucker Creek will now have input from students through their elected representatives. Students will take on volunteer projects, school improvement projects and work with our school's administration in planning events. Tucker Creek Middle School students will also eventually participate in the statewide student council. This will give students an opportunity to meet their peers throughout the state and participate in conferences. Giving Tucker Creek Middle students the opportunity to become leaders not only here at Tucker Creek, but all over the state of North Carolina. Yes, Tucker Creek Middle School Students will be making their mark all over the state of North Carolina.

Career Day 2017

Tucker Creek Middle School had its annual Eighth Grade Career Day on Friday, October 20, 2017. Students chose from sixteen different career paths and attended presentations ranging from engineering to cosmetology, Marine Biology to air traffic control, and Marine Pilot to pharmacist. Our students loved climbing into the humvee the Marines showcased and thoroughly enjoyed the chefs pastries. We appreciate the support of our military and community presenters as our students learned about careers and explored career options!

Spirit Week at TCMS

Christmas Spirit Week - Mustang Style!  Everyone is anxiously awaiting Christmas break! We are counting down the days with a daily theme for the holiday season. We kicked our celebration off Wednesday, December 12th, with Winter Wonderland Wednesday, where students dressed in their favorite winter clothing, including sweaters, flannel, scarves, and gloves.

Sweet Treats in Culture Club! Our Culture Club explored different foods, traditions, songs and other exciting ways children in other cultures live. We studied the country of “Italy” and the first topic we explored was the ice cream called “Gelato.” Gelato is made with a base of milk, cream, and sugar also flavored with fruit and nut purees. The students enjoyed the Italian ice cream. Some of the comments were “Oh so good” made by Tye Brown and “Oh so delicious” made by London Montanye and Isabelle Colantoni.

Blooming Scientists in Eighth Grade!

Water Filter Challenge Students created water filters using a two liter bottle and other materials. The filters that worked the best were those that used activated charcoal, rocks, and sand. Some of the most glamorous filters, did not work at all. Bridget Flori described the assignment as "really fun because we got to work together- even if the filter wasn't the best, it was a great learning experience!"

Sending off the Rams for State Playoffs!

We are the Champions! The entire Mustang nation gathered in the main hallway to cheer and send the Havelock High School football team off to the state playoffs. It was great seeing some of our former Mustangs. Elena Santos, eighth grade student, described the event by saying "it was really loud and great to see everyone showing school spirit! Everyone felt really proud of Havelock's football team."

TCMS Holiday Band and Chorus Concerts

TCMS Holiday Band Concert

The 2017 Mustang band concert was a great success. Mrs. Etheredge worked very hard with her students and everyone's efforts showed at the concert! Students performed Holiday tunes, which made for a great show! Seventh grade student, Jackson Mills, said "I was very nervous, but we pulled it off!" Seventh grader Sarah Crocker shared, "The Holiday collection was fun to perform!" Overall, Mrs. Etheredge and her students had an outstanding performance.

TCMS Holiday Chorus Concert

Mr. Angoco and his students performed several holiday favorites at the annual holiday chorus concert. The upbeat medley was perfect to get everyone in the holiday spirit! Our students really admire Mr. Angoco and their love for his class was evident through their spirited performance! Great job Mr. Angoco and chorus students!
TCMS Chorus Students Spread Christmas Cheer Tucker Creek chorus students performed at the annual Havelock Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Great job Mustangs!
The Friendship Table The “friendship table” is a table the TCMS SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Club created. It’s meant for new students or kids who don’t have anyone to sit with at lunch. They can sit at the friendship table and someone from SAVE Club or Host will come sit with them and they can play UNO or card games. SAVE Club also created “Get to know me” question cards and Tucker Creek Tip cards for the kids who sit there!

Seventh Grade Explores Cape Lookout

Seventh grade students had a blast on their field trip to Cape Lookout. They enjoyed exploring the island, climbing the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, and having lunch on the beach. On the ferry trip to the island, students were able to get a closeup view of dolphin pods and wild horses on Shackleford Banks. The entire day was packed full of fun!
Teachers working to bring more to the classroom! Congratulations to Mrs. Etheredge! She received a PIE grant for her Bucket Band Club!
Learning new technology! Mr. Glass exploring Virtual Reality.
We are proud to share pictures from 7th Grader Michael Amaker's Spray Paint Galaxy Art Demonstration that he gave during Art Club this week. His mom, Mrs. Amaker, graciously brought all of Michael's supplies and helped supervise the demonstration. Michael has been practicing many spray paint techniques to create unique artwork that looks like galaxies
Mustang Basketball: The Mustangs take on the HJ MacDonald Warcubs!
TCMS Mighty Wrestlers: Pictured below is our Mustang Wrestling team before their first match!
Students Against Violence Everywhere SAVE Club made bell necklaces to give away today, reminding us all to let our words be friendly and ring clear during the holidays! Thank you Officer Clink for leading our students to do great things!

Teachers Leading in Professional Growth

Board of Education had an opportunity to shine the light on several worthy educators at Tucker Creek Middle School during their special spotlight recognition. The following teachers were celebrated for leading in their own or others' professional growth: Angela Frazier, Heather Montero, Lisa Gore, Michelle Smith, & Trina Pruitt The Board also recognized members of a high performing PLC: Cindy Laird & Jennifer Taylor Congratulations to each of you and thank you for going above and beyond to ensure all of your students are successful!

TCMS hosted a Glow Party to celebrate students that worked hard to support our school through the Yankee Candle Fundraiser. Students enjoyed music, dancing, games, and fun at the Glow Party. Christian Thompson said "It was FUN and AWESOME!" Those who sold over 12 candles received an envelope with a surprise amount of cash, ranging from $2-$50. Taylor O'Connor shared that students participated in the "Chicken Dance," and "The Cupid Shuffle." Winners of the limbo, Carter Mulligan and Sheridan Conklin, took home awesome light-up rings! Overall, the Glow Party was a great way to kick-off Christmas break!
Hwy 55 in Style! Students who sold 35 or more items for our Yankee Candle Fundraiser, were invited to Hwy 55 for lunch via limousine. Students enjoyed riding in style and dining on burgers and fries and slurping down refreshing milkshakes. Our kids had a BLAST!
Congrats Mr. Richards! Mr. Richards has been an asset to our Tucker Creek family over the past year. We will truly miss his awesome personality, great smile, and positivity in our building! We are proud of you Mr. Richards! GOOOOO PIRATES!
7th grade students gathered in the Learning Commons for a reading of "The Gift of the Magi," by O. Henry with Mrs. Montero. The reading was followed by a writing and discussion about the overall message the story conveys. Thank you Mr. Howard, Mrs. Pruitt, and Mrs. Laird for sharing this wonderful, Christmas favorite with your students!


Mustang Peacemakers TCMS students in H.O.S.T, F.O.R., and S.A.V.E. Clubs participated in training on effective conflict resolution to become Mustang Peacemakers. These students are committed to making TCMS a great place for everyone by helping other students create solutions for disagreements. When students see someone wearing these bracelets, they know they’ve got their back!

Valentine's Day Dance

School Bus Driver Appreciation Week February 12-16, 2018 Be sure to thank your bus driver for getting you safely to and from school every day. We love our bus drivers!
In Mrs. Bryan's ELA/Social Studies classes studied events leading up to the Revolutionary War. In groups, they researched the events, graphed them based on their importance, and then presented their findings to the class.
8th graders had the opportunity to attend Craven County Schools first Career and Technical Education Expo on February 6th at the New Bern Convention Center. This expo gave the students information about what kinds of educational pathways are available to them as they transition to the high school.

"Can"struction Competition

TCMS will be participating in the county wide “CAN"struction Competition during the Month of the Military Child. In order to prepare, our Young Engineers Club has been working with Engineers from FRC East to plan and design what they will build. Now they need YOUR help! They need lots and lots of canned food! They are designing a 3-dimensional flag and this will take hundreds of cans to complete. They must use the cans as they are, which means they need specific can colors. (See pics) They will have members at the front of the school every morning to accept can donations. Construction will take place at the school on April 27th and several schools from around Havelock will be participating. On Saturday, 4/29/18, the public will be invited to come and view these awesome can creations. Remember.....the homeroom with the most cans donated will earn an ice cream party!

Please help! Every student who brings in 5 cans will receive a homework pass. Campbell's Soup Red and white soup cans are needed for the flag design. Starkist or Bumblebee Tuna Blue tuna cans are needed for the flag design.

World Read Aloud Day

On Feb. 1st students at TCMS had the opportunity to Skype with an author in celebration of World Read Aloud Day. The ELA teachers who attended received a copy of the author’s book to add to their classroom library. Each grade level interacted with a different author. Sannon Hitchcock, Monica Tesler, and Christina Farley each spoke and gave insight on both their writing processes and their inspirations. What an awesome opportunity for our students!

Teachers Go on a Goosechase!

Who says staff development has to be boring? Goosechase is an app that allows anyone to set up and monitor online scavenger hunts. Teachers had a blast trying out this app at the February staff meeting. They worked as teams to complete "missions" and score points. We learned that our staff is very competitive. This fun app will be a great tool to use when our iPads arrive.

TCMS hosted The Indoor Soccer Shootout, organized by Ms. Trina Pruitt, on January 27, 2018. The tournament raised money for the Tucker Creek athletic department and was a great success. Teams from all over Eastern North Carolina came together to compete.
Students in Mr. Glass's 8th grade science classes were "charged" with creating a homemade battery. Their battery had to generate a certain amount of power to be considered a success. Students brought in their materials and demonstrated their batteries in class. This kind of hands on activity has a "positive" impact on student learning and makes class more fun.
School Counselor's Week February 5-9, 2018 Mrs. White Thank you for all you do for the students of Tucker Creek

Welcome to Tucker Creek Middle School!

We have several new staff members at TCMS. Be sure to say hello and give them a big Mustang welcome when you see them around the school. We are excited to welcome them to our Tucker Creek family!

Mrs. Heflin, School Nurse

Mrs. Heflin is the new nurse for Tucker Creek Middle School as well as the Nurse Coordinator for Craven County Schools. She has been a nurse for almost 33 years and has been a school nurse for 12 of those years. Mrs. Heflin has served several schools in Craven and Alexander Counties. In her spare time she prefers to be outside, whether on the coast or in the mountains. She enjoys cooking, gardening, kayaking and power boating.

Mrs. Evers, AIG

Mrs. Courtney Evers is our AIG teacher and comes from a family of educators. With over a decade of teaching experience, she has taught in states such as Florida, California, and Virginia as well as tutored children as far away as eastern Italy. Mrs. Evers has worked as a classroom teacher at the elementary and middle school levels. She is also specialized in the area of Advanced Learners and has worked as an academically or intellectually gifted specialist previously. She brings with her a plethora of ideas and interactive learning styles with her. We are glad to have her with us this year at Tucker Creek Middle School!

Mrs. Brody, Media Specialist

Mrs. Brody is excited to be working in the library at Tucker Creek and she looks forward to seeing her former library students again. Before coming to Tucker Creek she worked at Arthur Edwards Elementary for 18 years, spending the last four years as the media specialist there. Prior to that Mrs. Brody taught elementary and middle school in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. She earned a Master of Library Science from East Carolina University, and a Master of Elementary Education, and a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. Mrs. Brody and her husband, Paul, decided to make Havelock their forever home after he retired from the Marine Corps. They have two children (and a cute Boston Terrier) at home. Caroline is 13 and Sam is 10. They also have a son Adam, a daughter in law Caroline, and an adorable grandson Conley, who live in Newport. Mrs. Brody loves reading and books, crafting, and watching Sam wrestle and Caroline dance.

Ms. Woodard, Spanish

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Ms. Woodard has two sons - Taylor and Colin Andrew. She also has two über magnificent chihuahuas - Guadalupe Carolina and Don Ignacio. When she is not teaching or taking care of her beloved canines, she enjoys traveling (especially abroad - Mérida, Yucatán MX, Edinburgh, Scotland UK, and Budapest, Hungary are my favorites!), reading, Sudoku, and watching BBC America, the History Channel and Jeopardy. Ms. Woodard is a National Board Certified Teacher and is an active member of the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina (FLANC) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). She holds a Master of Library Science from East Carolina University, a Master of Arts in British History from Wake Forest University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, History, and Education from Francis Marion University.

Mrs. Vande Slunt, 6th Grade ELA

Mrs. Vande Slunt, or Mrs. V, is new to both Tucker Creek and North Carolina, having moved here this past summer. This will be her sixth year of teaching having previously taught in Interlaken, NY and Hawarden, IA. She earned a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Political Science, from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA and a Master of Science, Teaching Elementary Education K-6, from State University of New York in Cortland, NY. Mrs. Vande Slunt’s husband, Derek, is currently the Navy Command Chaplain at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station and they have three children: Noah (14), Micah (12), and Jenna (7). Mrs. V loves severe weather and is a certified SKYWARN Storm Spotter. She frequently storm chased in Iowa and enjoys a strong booming thunderstorm. Superheroes (especially the Marvel Universe) are also a huge favorite of hers.
ON TRACK FOR SUCCESS The TCM Track Team started their season on the right foot with a 2nd place finish in their meet against West Craven, Havelock Middle, and Jones Middle. The athletes excelled at the field events and on the track. (Above: Eighth grader Ajah sprints across the finish to win the 4x100 relay. )
On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!

Tucker Creek Middle iPad Deployment

Trying out a new iPad with Havelock Mayor, Will Smith, watching.
The Mustang Chorus performed for our students and special guests.
Our Mustangs couldn't wait to get started earning their badges!

Craven County Middle School Battle of the Books

The Tucker Creek Battle of the Books team won third place in the county competition this year. They are pictured above with the teams from HJ McDonald and West Craven Middle. To compete in Battle of the Books, students read from a list of 27 books and answer questions in a quiz bowl format. The TCMS students did a great job!

Welcome Mrs. Blair Dyal, our newest Mustang teacher!

We welcomed a new band director to Tucker Creek in March. Mrs.Blair Dyal is a graduate of Craven County Schools and is proud to be back here teaching and guiding our future generations. She earned a BS in Music Education from East Carolina University (Go Pirates!) in December 2004. This is her 8th year in the public school system and her fifth year teaching band. She has also taught 4th and 5th grade general music and K-5 general music. Mrs. Dyal is married to a retired Navy medical corpsmen. Her father also retired from the Navy, as a religious program specialist, so the military lifestyle is one she is very familiar with! She has two children, Sarah (12) and Jacob (10), and two step-children, Hunter (16) and Catherine (9). In her free time, you will find her reading! Swimming and camping are favorite sporting activities, but above all else, she loves to be with her children and spend time with them traveling and exploring new places.

Math and Science Day

On Friday, February 23rd, forty 7th grade students participated in a math and science event at Craven Community College. Students attended sessions led by college instructors about Acid Rain, Greenhouse Gases, Cloud Seeding and other weather related activities. Channel 12 news was in attendance and TC students got a special message from meteorologist Les Still.


Stories by Heather Montero & Cheri Brody

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