2016 STOCK MARKET PROJECT By vivi valo

Stage 1

The stock market is a place where companies can sell shares of their company to buyers in order to get profit. Whilst by doing this the buyers can also receive money. People can also sell shares that they have already bought to receive money. What is a stock/share?. A stock is commonly referred to as just buying a part of any company whilst a share is mainly for saying one specific company A stock/share is basically saying that you are buying a piece of the company you are investing in. Usually companies do this to raise money our to fund a big upcoming project. IPO is the typical way companies do this. IPO stands for initial public offering. This means that companies will set a price for one stock/share in their company based off of how much money that company is worth and the amount of shares they are willing to issue. They do this in a stock exchange, which is the actual place where companies put up their offers. There are a lot of different stock exchanges in the world where people can buy parts in different companies. Some of the biggest ones include NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NASDAQ, LSE (London Stock Exchange), JET (Japan Exchange Tokyo) and many more. These are some of the biggest stock exchanges in the world. When someone buys a stock/share they either get or lose money depending on how the company does. If the company is doing very well and getting a lot of money, than you will get whatever percent you have in the company in your balance. However it works the other way as well, if the company isn’t doing very well than you will lose the money that you invested into the company and possibly more. What’s a dividend?. Well a dividend is an amount of money that the company pays its shareholders. This is usually done annually. The company pays the shareholder out of their profits or reserves depending on how well the company did that year.

Stage 2

I initially invested in Facebook, Melrose Industries, Amazon, Netflix , and Intel Corporation

Stage 3

In my portfolio for the stock market I currently have 10,049.46 euros in my portfolio.The companies that are doing the best for me right now are Melrose Industries (MRO) and Amazon (AMZN) . These two companies were both quite cheap to buy but are doing really well. I purchased 35 or marathon oil and 30 of Melrose Industries. The company doing the worst currently is Facebook. Facebook is quite a steady company, it doesn’t really increase dramatically but it does drop quite far down. I’m planning on selling it later on in the project. Initially I had Netflix as a stock also and Intel corporations but I sold both of them. Netflix wasn’t doing very well, so I decided to sell it which at the time seemed like a good idea but now I regret it. I also sold Intel corporations which was also not doing very well at the time. I also bought more Melrose Industries shares because it was performing really well and it was really cheap. I started with buying only 5 marathon oil shares, then when I decided that the shares were doing well, I bought 30 more shares. Amazon is also doing really well, it has been for a while. I would like to buy more shares in other companies because I still have a lot of money and increase my current portfolio value.

Stage 4

Here are my stock value charts.
This is my portfolio value over the course of the project.
And here is a graph of my rankings over the course of the project.

My final ranking in the project is 24th place out of 50 students. My Overall return is 1.12%

My percentages of change are: Marathon oil is 31.26% return. Melrose Industries is 11.11% return. Amazon is -3.79% return.

Final reflection:

Overall, I enjoyed the whole experience. Even though my stocks were never at the to[p and the highest place I was in was 12th, I still liked trying it out. I think if I were to start again, I would 1) take more risks. I still have a lot of money left over but I was too scared that I would drop lower if I bought something. 2) Be more patient. During the whole project, i wan't really patient enough to wait out my stocks and see if they went back up when they were in negatives. Instead I would just sell them causing me to loose more money then if I were to keep them. 3) Buy more companies from different stock exchanges. The stocks that I have now are only from 2 different stock exchanges. I wish I would would have bought more from others as well to see how that affected my return if it would at all. Overall it was great experience, and it has taught that I should never invest in the stock market (because I would be broke in a week).


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