Sea lions appearance

What has a dark brown yellow mane, long powerful fore flippers and is a strong swimmer?A Sea Lion! First, let's talk about the weight of a Sea Lion. These mammals weigh 300-450 kilograms, depending on if they’re female or male. They can also be 180-200 feet long! Next Sea LIons have very cool and pretty body features. For example, Females have a cream underbelly while males have a dark brown yellow mane. Lastly interesting facts, here are some cool and interesting facts about a Sea Lion! THey have long Fore Flippers and Hind Flippers that help them swim. Their bubbler fur endables germs from their skin/fur! If you ever see a Sea Lion Take a close look at its Appearance!

This is a picture of a mother and it's baby happy to see each other and talking to each other in their own Sea Lion language.

Where and what is a Sea Lions habitat?

Of course, if you ever want to see where sea lions live you’re gonna need to know where they are! First of all, they live in the cold Northern Pacific Ocean between Asia and North America, off the coasts of South America. Next, the climate where these amazing and beautiful creatures live. Where they live it’s supposed to be -2 degrees celsius! Also where they live there is more than 80 inches of rain! These mammals do not hibernate, they just stay in the water. Last but now least, where they sleep! I hope you’ve been waiting for me to tell you this part! Sea Lions often sleep in water and here’s one cool thing Sea Lions can do after or while having a nap or going to sleep on land or water. They will sometimes raise a flipper from the water to check its body temperature! Since you know where you can find these mammals, maybe you should go see them!

Sea Lions live in the Sea and that's where they got their name!

a Sea Lions diet

I think you should know about a Sea Lions diet. I’ll tell you now. First of all, I'll tell you what they eat/their prey. Sea Lions are carnivores, carnivores are meat eaters. They eat juicy stuff like squid and octopus. It sounds yummy. Next, how they find/catch their food. They have webbed paws that help them swim faster and catch their prey easier. It’s actually really cool! Lastly, These mammals also have some mean predators like, a great white shark, Killer whales, people (illegal hunting) and diseases. At this point, I think that you should care more about animals and as you can see, Sea Lions are amazing!

Sea Lions always love food, Especially fish, it's there favorite!

Why are Sea Lions endangered?

Now let's talk about why Sea Lions are being killed and why they're endangered! These mammals need our help so they are not endangered anymore. Reason 1: These animals are being killed by predators There are only about 18,000 Sea Lions left but there could be even less! There are becoming less and less these amazing creatures which are extremely sad and bad! So help out. Also without them there would be too many other animals in the sea. Reason 2: Sea Lions are having their habitat be destroyed and they cant do anything about it! Actually, They are being killed too for the food in their bodies and the water they live in! With this, there is not not enough water for them to stay alive in and drink. The land will soon be destroyed and there will be nothing left. Reason 3: poaching (illegal hunting) and predators. People illegally hunt Sea Lions for their delicious meat. Predators in the sea like great white sharks, kill Sea lions so there’s not enough of them! People aren’t always kind to Sea Lions some of them kill them! Next time you see a Sea Lion be kind and caring and don’t hurt it.

How we can help Sea Lions

Sea Lions need our help to get off the endangered list. Idea 1: Join the WWF which stands for World WIldLife fund. If you would kindly do it that would be LOTS of help! If you do want to, here's what you're gonna need to do! First, you go to a website called WWF World WIldlife Fund. Then you’ll search Sea Lion, Then press on a slide that says Take Action. Then by then you’ll hopefully be in the team soon! Idea 2: adopt a Sea LIon stuffed animal! Stay at the Search Sea Lion but press the back arrow once. Then press on adopt a Sea Lion then you’ll probably have one in a few days or less! Idea 3: Call or write to the President Joe Biden and tell him what's going on and what people are doing in the world. He will probably say something like, “okay thank you for telling me I will do something about it soon.” Clearly, we can save these adorable Sea Lions if we try.

HERE you can donate to Defenders!

Sea Lions love the water a whole lot.


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