Homeschooling Good or bad

Homeschooling is where the parents teach their children at home.

Homeschooling is bad for students because there are many negative social and academic aspects of homeschooling.

There where two home-schooled students in Iowa found dead in a freezer and their parents abuse them because they drank alcohol, do drugs or other substances. With these drugs in the parents they can really do some "damage" to their children.In the Des Moines Register stated, “recent news stories are raising concern about the safety of some home-schooled children” two home-schooled students were found dead in a freezer in a town in Iowa and they want their “legislators to revisit a 2013 change they made to state law.”.

The parents who are teaching their children may or may not be completing qualified to teach their children. In 39 states their are “no parent education requirements” to teach their son or daughter(Coalition for Responsible Home Education). Some parents have a college degree but they still may not know how to teach their children any other subjects then what they have a college degree for.

One other con to homeschooling is that students who are home-schooled can have “extreme social awkwardness” when they enter the real life like a job or to have a normal college experience (CBS Sacramento). Once a home-schooled kid gets a real job then they may not be able to talk to people in a way a public school student may talk to people in a real job.

In some cases, home-schooling can be good for students because they do not have the thirty or more students in their classroom. The home-schooled students score higher on standardized tests. In the video below shows seven lies about home-schoolers.

This is about some of the myths about homeschooling children.


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