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By Market Financed Inventions LLC

What is Market Financed Inventions?

Crowd funding meets an Open Source Style Social Doing Community of highly trained experts who help the innovators get their product from idea stage to a market launch. Market Financed Inventions is a groundbreaking global network that empowers inventors by helping them launch new innovative products and services directly to a market. We have developed a web based platform we call Just Inventing to make dreams come true for entrepenuers and inventors.

We bring new inventions to market. We believe in supporting innovators from around the world regardless of their business expertise or economic status. We support independent inventors and small organizations by finding buyers for their creations in a fast, simple and inexpensive way. At the same time, we allow buyers to be pioneers in acquiring unique and innovative devices before they are widely available. We allow inventors to present their ideas, projects and finished products directly to their potential customers. All this with no up-front costs, investment or intermediaries.

For early adopters and pioneer consumers Market Financed Inventions is a unique way of being a pioneer and getting new inventions before they reach the market, at inviting launching prices and with specific benefits offered by our inventors.

We Remove the Barriers to Make it Fast and Easy

We remove the barriers that prevent people from taking their projects from idea stage to market ready products and services. We provide the necessary value chain to support them at every step. Our global platform creates an end to end innovation ecosystem.

The labyrinth removed from the development equation.

Everyone has great ideas but most get lost in a labyrinth in the process involved in taking their ideas and turning them into something real. It is true. It can be a daunting task when you are flying solo or your group simply does not have the bandwidth, funding or expertise to make your ideas become reality. We all have faced those barriers and given up on what was to let it become what could have beens. That is why we come together and created Market Financed Inventions. The power of real relationships and community allows us to overcome together what we could not overcome apart from one another.

We support inventors along the whole value chain: in product engineering, design, prototyping, manufacturing, distribution, branding, sales and marketing. We take you from idea to finished product to the marketplace.

We also offer full spectrum mid and long term business development support services via a community of consulting strategic partners.

For inventors For consumers For Professionals For investors For Companies

Our Ethos: The Dolphin Way

Good ideas become great ideas when they are allowed to flourish in the proper setting. In business that proper setting is a great team who believes in making good ideas into great ideas and is committed to making great ideas become a greater reality. This takes vision, experience, expertise, and lots of hard teamwork. The process of doing that is what we call the Dolphin Way. This is why we were inspired to bring together experts from around the world to take good ideas and make them into great ideas and then take great ideas and make them become reality in the real world. These we call the dolphins. These dolphins will be there as a community to help inventors take their ideas to reality.

Why Dolphins?

Dolphins are highly intelligent ma-reen mammals and are part of the family of toothed whales that includes orcas and pilot whales. They are found worldwide. A perfect metaphor for our MFI community.

Their Behavior.

Dolphins are well known for their agility and playful behavior, making them a favorite of wildlife watchers. Many species will leap out of the water, spy-hop (rise vertically out of the water to view their surroundings) and follow ships, often synchronizing their movements with one another. Scientists believe that dolphins conserve energy by swimming alongside ships, a practice known as bow riding.

They are Social Creatures.

Dolphins live in social groups of five to several hundred. They use echolocation to find prey and often hunt together by surrounding a school of fish, trapping them and taking turns swimming through the school and catching fish. Dolphins will also follow seabirds, other whales and fishing boats to feed opportunistically on the fish they scare up or discard. They live in a global collaborative republic of a sorts.

What is the Just Inventing Platform?

The platform is an Engine For The Democratization of Opportunity and Profit:


Inventor And Idea Person Funding and Development Engine And A Community of Professionals

We provide inventors with the expertise of a community of advisers, enablers and innovation experts committed to launching inventions in a fast, fair and transparent way. If you have an idea for a new invention, product or service no matter what stage it is in then we can provide a community to make it happen in an inexpensive and high level manner.

Market Financed Inventions helps you find market for your inventions for free. Here you are fairly rewarded for your sales because you set the price for your inventions and keep 100% of the royalties. If you lack the skills or means to design and prototype your inventions, we provide support in those areas, as well as in marketing, manufacturing and selling them. Market Financed Inventions relies on a community of experts, enablers and pioneers committed to delivering your invention to the market.


An Organic Job Creation Garden

For individuals and small businesses we are a project pipeline to make money using their talents to help develop new products and services.


Innovation to Investors Deal Flow

We support individuals, investor groups and venture capitalists seeking new profitable products, services and startups by providing an innovation to investor opportunity flow. This allows them to have the inside track on new cutting edge products and services coming down the pipeline that they may want to track and invest in.


A Company Research and Development Pipeline

We create an innovation product development pipeline for companies looking to increase the speed and flexibility of their product development and offerings. Companies are always looking to expand their product and service development pipeline. MFI provides them just that. We act as proxy Research and Development engine. Our platform has built into it a global market viability and validation component that creates its own real time market research.


Market Driven Fast and Efficient End to End Product Development

The JustInventing.com platform reduces the time it takes for an idea to become available to everyone. By launching ideas quickly to their pioneer markets, the unnecessary costs normally associated with bringing new products to market are reduced.


Built In Market Viability and Validation of Products and Services

Through JustInventing.com inventors only start production of their products when there are enough intentions to buy (pre-orders) made, which makes it viable to produce and deliver new inventions just in time. This allows consumers to get exactly what they want, when they want it “just in time."


An Integrated Promotional Marketing and Sales Machine

The difference between crowdfunding success and failure isn't just about a great idea (although that helps!). It's about a carefully thought out and well-executed crowdfunding marketing plan.

The myth that crowdfunding is a magic bean that instantly draws thousands of strangers’ dollars to your idea - just by publishing it - is entirely false. Behind every successful raise is a great crowdfunding marketing plan and a strategic sales plan with a notable effort by the Entrepenuer.

Market Financed Inventions integrates social networking tools as well as professional high level marketing and sales support providing the back line of seasoned teams.

Simple and Streamlined Process

Market Financed Inventions is a simple, transparent, social and economically useful way to leverage people’s creative potential. It unlocks the potential inventor in all of us. The JustInventing platform allows the people with the ideas to connect directly with our global network of highly skilled professionals who will make those ideas come to life. And all this is accessible from anywhere, anytime, using any device with Internet access.

Flexible and Easy Access Anytime and Anywhere

Inventor and Entrepenuers can sign up and access their profiles and product toolkit anywhere they are. They can interact with our community and with potential consumers and micro investors.

Consumers can invest, promote and even buy products and services anywhere and anytime with our platform from nearly any device globally.

Access via any computer

Access via any tablet.

Access via any smartphone.

Just In Time From Concept To Production To Market

Market Financed Inventions allows markets pioneer access to innovations that could take decades to reach the spotlight if at all. It is an opportunity to acquire something useful, unique and tailored at a very attractive and fair launching price. Our Expanded Just In Time strategy allows us to take a market validated fully funded idea through development and on to production and delivery to end customer in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner. This is the genius of how our value chain works.

When is the best time to have an inventory part ready for production? Just in time. When is the best time to have an item ready for the next step in production? Just in time. When is the best time to have a product ready for delivery to a customer? Just in time. So why do manufacturers build inventory of both finished goods and raw materials? Just in case!

A buffer of inventory on hand is comforting – and costly. If you hold a lot of items in inventory, you're locking away a huge amount of cash unnecessarily. These items can be lost, stolen, or damaged, or they can deteriorate. They occupy space, which could otherwise be devoted to operations. And they can become obsolete, particularly when products are improved or changed often (many of us can remember images of airfields full of unwanted, obsolete cars from the 1970s and 1980s.) All of this represents financial loss to the business.

When items are ready just in time, they aren't sitting idle and taking up space. This means that they aren't costing you anything to hold onto them, and they're not becoming obsolete or deteriorating. However, without the buffer of having items in stock, you must tightly control your manufacturing process so that parts are ready when you need them.

When you do (and JIT helps you do this) you can be very responsive to customer orders – after all, you have no stake in "forcing" customers to have one particular product, just because you have a warehouse full of parts that need to be used up. And you have no stake in trying to persuade customers to take an obsolete model just because it's sitting in stock.

The key benefits of JIT are:

  1. Low inventory
  2. Low wastage
  3. High quality production
  4. High customer responsiveness.

The JIT Strategy (flexible organic and sustainable)

By taking a JIT approach to inventory and product handling, companies can often cut costs significantly. Inventory costs contribute heavily to the company expenses, especially in manufacturing organizations. By minimizing the amount of inventory you hold, you save space, free up cash resources, and reduce the waste that comes from obsolescence.

So who is the Just Inventing Platform designed for?

The short answer is anyone and everyone.

Innovators, inventors, creatives, small businesses, crowd funding investors and consumers. It is built and run by the kinds of people and for the kinds of people that want to change the world with their ideas, products, services and creative expression.

Calling all (idea)ologists

If you have a passion for using your talents and skills to create new things, love to collaborate and find problem solving exciting... Market financed Inventions is for you.

If you have an idea for an awesome product but don't know what to do with it and need a community of supportive people to encourage and help you... Then Market Financed Inventions is for you.

Do you have a product or service idea that could change the world but don't know how to take it from idea to finished product? MFI is for you. Anyone can use Market Financed Inventions, but you may be especially interested if you identify with one of these two groups of people:


Solution Oriented Problem Solvers

You dedicate some or much of your time trying to solve problems and make technical improvements to your surroundings. You envision a more exciting future for our planet, where technology and progress serve the human race to reach its full potential. You are a person who is always thinking up new ways of doing things and coming up with great ideas for inventions, products and services.


Pioneer Consumers and Innovation Enthusiasts

You are a pioneer. You are curious, open-minded and always searching for something new to add to your life or business. You like to be up-to-date and support innovation and creativity. You are a first adopter, an opinion maker and you like to set trends.


Creatives, Programmers and Engineers With a Passion for Great Design

Market Financed Inventions is a creative's dream gig. Imagine being able to pick and choose the projects that most stoke your passions. Our platform allows exactly this. We offer an amazing opportunity for small creative and design shops to increase their project pipeline by uniting with our global community to help inventors and Entrepenuers move their ideas to market.

Here are few more specific inventor examples.

Meet Edward

He is an industrial designer with a love for steampunk culture. He has designed a line of intelligent vintage styled led light fixtures but doesn't have investment nor a team of people to help him get his prototypes to market.

Meet Desmond.

Desmond lives in New York City and is a well known music producer, videographer and owns a non for profit media studio that provides at risk youth facilities to do audio and music projects. He and his team teach kids about media production. Seeing how many of these kids lives have been transformed he began to brainstorm on how he could expand his passion for kids globally.

Desmond's idea was to create a virtual version of his facility in a website based app that Provides all the tools and training necessary to train and support kids just like those in NYC around the world. His many entertainment industry friends have pledged to provide training and mentors hip through the the app. He looking to dolphin republic to fund this idea and provide the support to launch this global community.

Meet Yumi.

Yumi is the daughter of Japanese immigrants and has always had a love for her native Asian culture. This is particularly so when it comes to industrial design. After graduating from design school in Seattle Yumi set out to create a line of Shinto ethos inspired furniture that uses only bamboo and recycled fabrics.

She has base designs that people can then customize online. The product is assembled by out of work veterans and a local artisans collaborative who also will own the company with her and share in its profits. People can then trade their used furniture in to be reused and redesigned. She needs funds to get the small factory line set up and jump start the business.

Meet Carlos.

He has a great idea for a mobile app that would help people visiting his country of Peru learn about the history of the indigenous people, their way of life and connect them with expert guides for cultural tours to experience life with rainforest, desert and mountain tribes.

Meet Julia.

She is an sociologist, photographer, videographer and inventor who has come up with an idea for for a new kind of modular camera that allows the user to choose a theme. Whenever video or pictures are taken it automatically creates a storyline based upon pulling gps location and historical timeline data to generate a storyline with a soundtrack. The camera is designed in a hip retro style casing but don't let it looks deceive you. It is sports the latest camera technology and has its own quad core i7 chip as its brains long with next generation gps and and 5G wireless. It also is built with modular sections that let you customize it. Julia has designed a product ecosystem within one product. It allows for both analogue and digital lens to be used and it can remotely controlled via a smart phone app.

Meet Jake.

He was raised in a family of missionaries in Africa. He saw a need for villages to have access to clean water and designed an inexpensive kit that allows water to be harvested from the air and fill rain barrels. All he needs is people to believe in it and back it.

Meet Anastasia.

She grew up in a small town in Russia and went to college to become an Structural engineer. While working in an area prone to earthquakes she come up with a new type of sustainable building material that is both strong and flexible. After a couple of year of developing the idea she created a system modular sections that can be erected in an hour into a house with only two people. It comes complete with led lighting and flexible solar panels. She is looking to expand her operation and provide jobs in her hometown.

How does Market Financed Inventions differ from current idea development services and crowdfunding models?

The Drawbacks Of Current Popular Crowd Funding Models

Current crowd funding models focus on the front end funding while the back end product development process is left to the individual or organization seeking to fund their projects. This back end development process is critical to the success of the product or service becoming a reality. Most failed products and services fail because of these factors.

  1. Little to no support network to step up to encourage and help
  2. Lack of funding and utilization of funding
  3. Insufficient product development and production experience and available expertise
  4. Insufficient business organization, processes and management
  5. Market validation for the proposed product or service increasing risk to R.O.I.
  6. Insufficient production pipeline to customer outlets
  7. Insufficient strategic marketing and sales plan, expertise and follow through
  8. Insufficient business development support expertise and growth strategy
  9. A lack of visibility on the crowdfunding website due to staff picks
  10. Inexperience in utilizing social networking and marketing techniques

These factors create a barrier to many people bringing their projects to market. It can discourage rather than inspire the inventors. Thusly, we find many great ideas die before even getting an opportunity to germinate.

Traditional Invention Support Models

Current inventor support services do not include a crowd funding component and rely on traditional market research modalities which are dependent upon highly paid experts who then require a much greater percentage of revenues from the inventors and entrepreneurs. Much of this is due to their model and the higher front end costs of providing their services. This also presents a barrier to the market for most people. It is a daunting task.

How The MFI Model Differs: End To End Product Development Process:

JustInventing.com platform introduces the concept of market-funding instead of crowd-funding. Here, the customer states their Intention to Buy first, which means that only viable inventions will be produced with their contribution. When you, as a customer, are asked to pay for an invention, you know your money is going towards producing something that will actually be delivered. The “crowd” can only help inventors by offering product refinement suggestions, promoting and buying their inventions. When the inventors receive the payment for their products, their ability to deliver them has already been tested by our community. It is a risk free system for the consumer, to the development community and investors.

Validation > Viability > Development > Production > Delivery

Our system helps reduce the time and cost of launching an invention while providing a built in product viability validation process. This approach reduces risk to investors ROI and removes speculation. We believe this provides the best way of finding a product’s place in the market.

The Road Farward

Simple Investor Deck

How MFI Is Organized

The Invention Process Flow: Example


Inventor submits invention


Idea is vetted by MFI Advisors


Once validated the invention has a profile created on platform.


The public then can choose to support it by direct investment and intentions to buy proving market viability of product or service concept.


They can also become part of the process further by becoming an evangelist for the invention with simple social media marketing share tools on the site.


The invention remains open to public investment until it's financing development and production goal is achieved.


The invention is automation sent into invention development cycle after funding goals are achieved.


The team takes the invention through our Process from development to finished product to market ready launch.


Team is paid and invention is sold in market.

Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

S.W.O.T. Analysis

StartUp Investment Section


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