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Jeff Akers, Filmmaker Bio

When selecting a filmmaker to execute a production, evoking passion and having vision are essential characteristics. Jeff Akers surpasses all expectations with his philosophy of film with his ability to tell stories that capture global audiences in the short, feature film and documentary realms of motion pictures. His capability to reveal intimate perspectives of numerous genres of film has the susceptibility to draw you into his world and capture your full attention until the end.

With an education that began outside the U.S. in Taiwan,Taipei, Akers studied the anatomy of film with one purpose in mind - to tell stories that mirror God's purpose. Following God's path, Akers has produced many successful industrials, documentaries, short films, and feature films that highlight Christian themes and storylines. His Christian sci-fi short film Illumination won Akers more than 5 awards including Best Short Film, Best Special Effects, Best Soundtrack, Best Costumes and Props, and Best Actors Awards in The Christian Film Festival. His impeccable style and performance in film also won him an award for Best Documentary for his short film highlighting vagrancy, Homeless in the South in the 2017 Virginia Christian Film Festival. With a career boasting more than two decades of expertise in multimedia, film, and award-winning productions, Jeff Akers Films delivers quality media that constantly aims to change the world -- one shot at a time. Learn more about Akers and his projects below.

Production Highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=44&v=2ECAjvIDGpM


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