May 2018 Samaritan Aviation

The new plane is out of the paint shop and it looks great! We could not be more grateful for everyone that has partnered with us on this project!

All that's left is to ship it to Papua New Guinea!

Please consider how you can help us to raise the final funds needed to:

  • Containerize & ship the plane to PNG: $28,000
  • Government taxes & reassembly in PNG: $50,000

We would like to invite you and your friends to come to an event to hear the story of our life-saving work in Papua New Guinea and see the airplane that will touch the lives of thousands in remote areas!

Last month, Dr. Dan Cranston (Board Member) and Regina Cranston came out for a week to serve with our team in Papua New Guinea. One of the main needs that prompted the Cranstons’ trip was that of Mendam village, where a chronic infection called Yaws had spread to a large portion of the community. Yaws is transmitted through direct contact and causes painful sores to appear on the body, which can lead to disfigurement or disability, but can be treated with a single dose of an antibiotic. Our team was able to treat 70 people but recognizes it may take one or two more outreaches to completely eradicate Yaws there.

Regina Cranston holding a baby from Mendam village
“When we thought we had treated everyone with the infection, we would find another person who hadn’t been treated yet. It was hard because most of them didn’t see the urgency since they had been dealing with [Yaws] for so long. It was like they were used to it or it had almost become a part of their identity.” - Regina Cranston

More Visitors in PNG!

Samaritan Aviation Advisory Board Member, Jason Kendall, joined Mark Palm on his last visit to Papua New Guinea in March. It was great to have him serve with us for a week where he participated in several life flights and other ministry opportunities.

Photo (credit Todd McWethy) Jason and Mark unloading a patient from the floatplane to the ambulance.

Photo Credit: Todd McWethy

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