Surrealism Liza Desyatkova

I do not know much about gods; but I think that the river is a strong brown god-sullen, untamed and intractable ~ T. S Elliot


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Imagine heading to science class, and being greeted by a majestic whale. This photoshop surrealism piece transforms the athletic circle into a humongous aquarium, taking the school’s underwater carpe mascot to a new level. This photo shows how this aquatic creature, like a river, is strong brown god-sullen, untamed and intractable.


My photoshop surrealism piece is an aquatic fantasy placed in our school. It turns the athletic circle into a fantastical aquarium, featuring a drifting whale. There is a dynamic contrast between the skylight and the dark blue room. An interesting composition is created through the shadows and the grid windows, which separate fantasy from reality. I was inspired by the school’s aquatic themed mascot, which is a carpe. Instead of doing a small fish, I preferred showing a majestic whale, as it creates a more interesting sense of scale. This also relates to the quote I used by T. S Elliott “I do not know much about gods; but I think that the river is a strong brown god-sullen, untamed and intractable” and how a beautiful whale can be ever so overwhelming and god-like, like a river.

There were some difficulties, as well as some successes in my piece. Some design issues I had was making the shadow of the whale more consistent with the rest of the ground. It is typically unnoticeable, but looking closely you can see small brush strokes. On the other hand, some of the small details I added really tie the photo together. Some examples would be the small bubbles in the aquarium, the shade of blue throughout the room, and the small tints of yellow light coming from the skylight. I enjoyed adding interesting creatures in places they don’t typically belong, and I can see myself continuing this theme in future photoshop projects. Overall, I am fairly happy with the result of my surrealist work.


Created with images by MartinStr - "air bubbles diving underwater"

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