The FLMNH By Jordan Noell

Nature on Display

The FLMNH's butterfly exhibit provides a insightful look into lives of butterflies and their place within nature. The exhibit is incredibly alluring as it allows you to view butterflies alive and in motion, instead of reading a few paragraphs by an embalmed specimen. There is no better way to learn about nature then by directly observing it and that is main goal of the butterfly exhibit; to provide an active and educational look into nature. Though it is key to note that the exhibit is not a true example of nature. The exhibit is still an artificial, closed ecosystem.

Nature and Ethics

The FLMNH attempts to provide a real conservation effort in the butterfly exhibit, but it also does not appear to done solely out of respect for nature. The butterfly exhibit is one of the view exhibits that cost money to view for non-students and it can be difficult to reconcile these profit driven capitalist motives with a true conservation effort meant to preserve nature. The butterfly exhibit itself provided a window to look into the natural world, but peer behind the curtain and you can see that it is an artificial construction. The way people reacted to the butterflies seem to be of idle curiosity and passing fancy rather than a deep admiration for the nature world. It is hard to imagine the FLMNH as an embodiment of Leopold's system of ethics toward nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The butterfly exhibit at the FLMHH helps turn our minds away from the mundane aspects of our everyday lives and peer into the forces that make up our complicated and intricate ecosystem. The butterfly exhibit provides a snapshot of one part of nature, even if it is not clearly indicative of the whole. The piece we can view can be incorporated into a larger understanding of nature and is a building block to understanding the complex systems that guide life itself. The FLMNH's spirit of scientific inquiry helps us to realize the true scope of nature and all of its unanswered questions.


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