Avoidant Attached Children how parents can soften a hardened heart

  • Children are mostly influenced by their parents and seek an emotional attachment in order to feel a sense of security.
  • Children necessitate a genuine emotional relationship from parents in order to infer and apply proper behaviorism toward life and the supernatural realm.

However, due to dismissive, insensitive, or intrusive behaviors from parents, children often adopt the avoidant attachment style as a result of their encumbered reliance toward their parents and evade genuine intimacy in the relationship. Consequently, these children feel anger and resentment.

In response, the avoidant attached child acquires prematurely in life to suppress the natural propensity to search for a parent when terrified, distraught, or in discomfort.

Debauched parenting results in an emotionally depraved child. Furthermore, the avoidant attached children believes that others are either incapable or unwilling of loving them; therefore, others are not trustworthy and interaction with others is to be avoided.

In order to diminish the characteristics of an avoidant attachment style, parents must be present and must be able to provide comfort in the times of need for their children.

Parents of children with the avoidant attachment style must also apply the Law of Challenge and Support, children are to be comforted by parents in times of emotional jeopardy and are to learn from the emotional jeopardy as a way to connect with their parents.

The child will correspondingly restore a correct worldview and most importantly, a stronger relationship with God.


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