Abbey Randall Teacher Action Plan Presentation APril 27, 2017

"Teachers have to teach students to look for possibilities."

Choice Words by Peter H. Johnston

Standard #6 Classroom Climate & Management: Creates and maintains a classroom environment which supports and encourages learning.

2nd Grade Class Vision

We are persistent learners who are nice and kind to each other.

Standard #4 Instructional Planning: Plans literacy instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students, and curriculum goals.

Learning how to problem solve a word is a life-long skill for all readers and writers.

Organizing literacy by Linda J. Dorn

Standard #5 Instruction: Understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies and appropriate technologies.

Student Book Trailers

Each student was able to access his or her own learning through this experience. Low-Expectancy students were successful and proud of their work.

Collaboration as a professional and collaboration opportunities for my students.

"Think of education in terms of efforts to increase learner's' problem solving abilities."

Choice Words by peter johnston


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