Monthly HW Essay January Limited Government by Macrory Mason

The 13 states wanted a limited federal government so we don’t become like King George the 3rd’s country and to give all citizens their rights and freedom. So the first governors of America created the Articles of Confederation, a text that lists the many limitations for the federal government. Here are three important limitations created after the American Revolution.

The first limitation is that the federal government cannot collect taxes, only the states can. The governor would have to ask for the state’s money instead of forcing the colonies to do so or collecting taxes themselves. Before the Revolution, King George collected everyone’s taxes because he wanted the money to run his military and to run his country instead of having other parts of England collect them and have a share of the income.

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The second limitation is that the federal government cannot have full control over the states. Each state will be runned by a governor, who will have full power over his/her state. King George had full control over England, which meant that he could have done anything he wanted without anyone stopping him, which is why this limitation was made. So that no one could have full power and couldn’t do whatever they wanted.

The third limitation is that only the states can establish their own military's, and not the federal government. This means that the colonies have their own armies, and the government would have to ask for forces if needed. King George had full control over the military in England so that he had all the power and that no one could stop him. This limitation was made so that the federal government can’t have their own armies and do anything that can have a bad outcome in the end.

In conclusion, these three limitations are only a few of the many limitations created by the first 13 states after the Revolution. If the Articles of Confederation never existed, America would just be as powerful as England and we wouldn’t have all our rights that exist today.

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