Hines home as seen by a drone Our rural south Salem property looks way different from on high

In May 2017 we had Exos Aerial Imaging take some drone photos/videos of our home on ten acres in rural south Salem, Oregon. The "cover photo" above is a panoramic shot from above our property showing nearby Spring Lake (community owned), the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge in the middle distance, and the beginning of the Coast Range in the far distance.

Here's drone photos of our home, plus two drone videos -- one from on high, and one from down low.

In photo above, the small building is our garage/carport. Below is our 1973-era house, which has two wings slanting off from the living room. Fenced dog yard is to the left. We love the large white oak on the right of the photo. It's around 250 years old, we've been told by an arborist. It was here way before us, and hopefully it will be here after we're gone.

This photo is an almost vertical top-down shot of our house and garage. If you're thinking, "It must take a lot of work to maintain that property," you're right! The open grassy areas are mowed with a DR Field Mower, which I (Brian) use with a lawnmower attachment. Laurel is out every morning doing this and that in our yard. Rural living at our age (late 60's) proves the adage Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. We're still alive, so it must be working for us.

This photo shows our home from another angle. The tall firs to the right of our house have grown a lot in the 27 years we've lived here. Fortunately, they've stood through some big wind storms. Also fortunately, the trees lean away from our house.

Below is a one-minute drone video taken from on high. It makes me want to be a bird. Notice how much closer the tops of the two firs are to the drone camera in the video thumbnail. Like I said, they're tall.

And here's a 90 second video taken by the drone flying low through our back yard area.

Lastly, below are a few photos I took from ground level of our property.

Our back yard in early spring.
Spring bloom of some Iris by our well house.
Wild rose.
Path at the back of our property that leads to the community lake.
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Brian Hines