Gender equality by shalisa williams

gender equality is opportunities are affected by gender. Women are affected by this issue because they don't have a lot of rights like men and aren't treated the same. Some people say bad thing about girls and what they can and can’t do and i know it’s not true.Other people are affected by this because some people choose men over women for a job or something and some women have been abused and some people think it's ok.

50 years ago women had no jobs but to clean and cook and men had lots more rights to do what they want.Women did not have any jobs and when the men would work it was there money and if they felt like it they can share women would just stay at home and follow men's orders.Today women have more rights than they use to have like women can have the same jobs as men and they can follow their own orders and have there own money. But the only thing that is the same is that men think girls can’t do the same things they do.

i think that in 50 years men will think equal of there self to women and women will think the same to i think that they won't compare themselves like you can’t do this and you can't do that type of thing.I think that people should be treated the same and have the same rights and respect and that they will think of each other the same because we might give them the same task and same lesson they won't think different of each other.

there are many different people that stick up for gender equality but one of them are Asieh Amini she sticks up for honor killings in iran. Asieh Amini raised awareness throughout the country and the world and she saved the lives of many woman.One quote that Asieh Amini was “wings are not enough”.

as a student to help my movement i will encourage kids to play with whatever they want so that if that happens when they get older they won't feel like they're different and they might treat each other the same.


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