The World According To Lanz P-K


Is Mt. Everest worth the risk?
Would globalization make the world stronger or weaker?


What makes a good citizen?

A good citizen would have to obey the law. To obey the law you would have to go to jury duties, the reason for this is that if someone is in court, they can call people to do jury duty, but if you refuse it is breaking the law. You would also have to stop at traffic lights, because if you did not that would also be breaking the law. The government would move more faster if you followed the law. Therefore, a good citizen would have to be orderly and safe to the society.

What is governement and why is it necessary?

Government is what keeps a society going and is necessary because it keeps us orderly and safe. There are many types of governments, some let the citizens participate in regular elections, and others have one person in control. For example, in Athens Greece, they had a government called direct democracy which makes the citizens participate in elections for everyday laws. Also, in North Korea they have a government called dictatorship, this government makes it so that one person has control of the everyday lives of the citizens. A government itself things in order at some degree, but you can change the order and safety by having a constitution. In Peru there was once a dictator that took control of the loves of the citizens, he helped the country with terrorists but destroyed the constitution. When he did this Peru was not as orderly as it used to be. In conclusion, a government is what keeps a society going, and is necessary so that there is no anarchy.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are many forces present in the EU that work for and against supranational cooperation. One centripetal force working for supranational cooperation is the Euro, the currency used in most EU countries. Using the same currency makes travel and trade easier. For example, if you wanted to move from Spain to Germany, you could still use the same currency in the two different countries. One centrifugal force that works against supranational cooperation is language. This works against supranational cooperation because there are many different languages and it is harder to communicate. For example, if you lived in Greece and went to Italy for work, you would have to get used to the totally different language being spoken there. In terms of the supranational government, having to translate documents into all langauges slows down decision making. Centripetal and centrifugal forces are both at work in the supranational cooperation of the EU.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region

There are many different ways people adapt to living in the desert, however, living near an oasis and being resourceful are two of the most important ways. Firstly, many people in the desert live near an oasis. This is important because there is water and there are many resources like fruits and vegetables. Nomadic people usually stop by oases to trade with the oasis settlers, they usually trade milk, cheese, and meat for water, fruits, and vegetables. For example, if a nomad was walking around a desert with only non-water based resources, they would go straight to a healthy oasis to trade and rest. After a while the nomad would go back and wander the desert, this is kind of like a hotel. Secondly, when people are in a desert, they have to be very resourceful to survive. When families are walking through the sand dunes in a desert, they usually would stock up with all of their resources from home and try to use the least possible things unless an emergency. For example, there might be a nomadic family that took all their resources from their house. They would be very resourceful and use a reasonable amount of their resources. There are many ways people adapt to living in a desert, and those two were two of the most essential ways.

How might a valuable resource affect a region?

There are many ways a valuable resource could affect a region, but these are some of the main ways. One positive effect could be that the life expectancy goes up. This could happen when the region uses the money made from a certain resource on the well being of the citizens so they could live longer. For example, if a country uses coal as their main resource and if they had a good leader, they would spend some of the money they earn from the coal on healthcare and doctors. One negative effect could be if the region’s main resource is nonrenewable and runs out. This could be problematic because that resource is important for the region and they may not know what to do next.For example, if a country uses oil a lot, after many years it could run out. Then the region could be in anarchy and its citizens could fight for the last bit of that resource. For example, if a country uses oil a lot, after many years it could run out. Then the region could be in anarchy and its citizens could fight for the last bit of that resource. In conclusion, the way a resource could affect a region varies, but these were some of the main ways.

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