How to Kill a Mockingbird By Sara Opat

The Great Depression was an economic slump in the 1900's, it happened in North America, Europe and other area's of the world. It was the longest and most serve depression in the world. Growing up in this would be very hard and challenging especially being a young woman like Harper lee was. The depression may be said too start with a dramatic collapse in the stock market. The next weeks were tough the stock began to fall even more, overtime this ruined many investors even the banks had failed at this point. Many people didn't have jobs and couldn't make it in life because of this, this stressed very many people out and people always thought the worst. The Great Depression soon ended before the start of World War ll.

Woman's rights was an act fighting that all women should be equal as men and do the same things that men are able to do, such as vote, work etc. People fought this act for over 70 years, many men thought that the movement should not be passed, and thought it was ridiculous that this was even a thought. This was very embarrassing to all women because we have the exact same capabilities as men and should all be treated fair. This movement was first discussed in Seneca Falls, New York. The starter of this discussion was Elizabeth Stanton a mother of four also from New York. Things finally started too look up in 1920 when women were now able too vote.

Emmitt Till was a 14 year old African american male who was wrongly accused of "flirting" with a young white cashier near Mississippi while visiting relatives. Four days after this incident happened Emmitt was tortured and murdered by two white men. His murder is what emerge the Civil Rights movement and he became an icon to this movement. Emmitt's mother showed an open casket at his funeral to show the brutality of the world. Emmitt was murder surely because it wasn't right back in the 1900's for African american males to flirt with white females or even talk to them, people were and still are discriminated based upon the color of their skin.

Throughout all the protest against and for segregation The Civil Rights Movement is what broke being segregated by race. This was the most important breakthrough accomplished in equal rights for African Americans. This is what demolished slavery also. Activist were Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa parks, Maya Angelou and many more. Segregation between skin colors were very intense laws in the 1900's, many African American men and woman risked and had some of their lives taken trying too get rid of the segregation law. The goal by the Civil Rights movement was to do just this and end racial segregation and discrimination, and this worked. This is the law that ended everything.

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