Tattoos on the heart Grant D

Chapter One | God, I Guess

This is about our image of God. God is love and he loves us, but sometimes we feel as if we are forgotten about. Like in Rigos story when he says his dad used to beat him. He didn't feel loved or wanted and it was hard for him. Then he talks about how his mom would take seven busses just to see him in jail. This meant a lot because our parents do so much for us and we can see how much his mom loved him and cared even though his dad didn't.

Chapter Two | Dis-Grace

In this chapter Danny lights firecrackers in Fr. G's office. Danny says that he didn't do it and tells Fr. G that. Fr. G takes him outside and asks him if he did it and Danny still says no. Fr. G says ok if u say u didn't then I believe you and he gives him money to get lunch. I think Danny did this because he wanted someone to love him and care about him.

Chapter Six | Jurisdiction

In this chapter father G talks about jurisdiction. When the boy yells at him from the window and says he loves Father G. He says that we all need our own jurisdiction and that it is like our personal space or spheres of acceptance. And sometimes people cross those barriers and make us less likely to accept people. He related this to what he is doing with gangs by creating mutual turf and bring feuds to and end. They say they hate certain gang just because they don't know jurisdiction and where to stop and it can get out of control sometimes. 93 Drugs can play a big part in this too. The story of flaco and how they go to that gas station to douse their cigarettes in PCP to get high and then when they tried to cross the freeway and he got hit by a car and still lived is a miracle I think. His arm was ripped clean off and his leg was crushed.

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