How to Build My Bridge By Sophie jones


200 Popsicle Sticks

2 Bottles of Elmer's Glue

100 Paper Clips (One Box)

3 Empty Water Bottles

3 Rubber Bands


Large Working Space

Sides (put nEwspaper On tabLe)

  1. Take 3 sticks, and take the first stick and glue it end to end with a second stick horizontally, leaving 2 inches hanging by itself. Put paperclips on every stick end with glue so dries faster.
  2. Flip line of sticks to the other side after every other stick you put down. Repeat until line reached about 35 inches.
  3. Start at the very left side of line, take 2 sticks and glue them to the original line of sticks to create a 45 degrees angle. Take one stick and glue it to the corner of the diagonal, making a triangle. Repeat 8 times until reaching the end of the original line of sticks.
  4. Repeat steps 1-2, and glue that horizontally on the top of the triangles.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to make another side.
  6. (Takes about a day to dry).


  1. Take the two already finished sides, put 2 empty water bottles between the ends, and one water bottle in the middle, and put 3 rubber bands in those same spots to hold together.
  2. Make an X shape with 2 sticks connecting to both sides on the top of structure, glue ends of right sticks to the line, then the left stick to the edges of the left edge of previous X.
  3. Repeat 12 times until you reach the end. Put extra sticks in places that might need a little more support (optional).
  4. Wait 12 hours to dry.


  1. Flip bridge completely over, still leaving the bottles and bands in same position.
  2. Take 6 popsicle sticks.
  3. Glue one stick upwards diagonal, left of the bridge on the right, inside, side of water bottle, connecting to the 2 lines. (Use paperclip to dry)
  4. Make 2 another ones 2 inches apart.
  5. Skip over the middle water bottle.
  6. Make another stick left diagonal connecting to 2 sticks. (Use paperclips.
  7. Make 2 other ones two inches apart.
  8. Wait 12 hours to dry.

Finishing touChes

  1. Gently take out water bottles and cut rubber bands after the bridge is dry.
  2. Place any sticks diagonal on spots that might seem weak.
  3. Take newspaper out from under bridge and clean up!

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