Defending Donna Osborn by; mikayla geer, vince watson, cole wroble and jena farmer


For my closing argument your honor i would like to reiterate the testimony of Kim Lenore. Dr. Lenore is an expert in her field of study. She explained to us the 4 stages of a battered woman in which my client, Donna Osborne suffered through under the hand of Clint Osborne. After going through all those traumatic experiences and abusive moments Donna had not choice but to kill her husband to protect her own life and the life of her child.


If the jury decides to persecutes my client, Donna Osborn, their child will be left in the care of child services and with no bright future. young Clint has already encountered into such a harsh lifestyle. With being surrounded by violence, he is becoming influenced with wrongful habits. Donna Osborn walked in on her son beating his teddy bear with a tennis racket while calling it names such as a bitch or slut this shows how his fathers abusive nature was effecting the child at such a young age.


my client only had one course of action on the night of February 14th. Her husband had left her with one option and that was to murder him in the action of defense. Clinton had become out of control and is Donna Osborn had not taken action he could have killed both her and her son, chip.Mrs. Osborn had no option to leave because she had no escape car. all she had left to do was kill him. She then called the police because she knew she had made a huge mistake.

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