Aye Aye Population

Growth over the past years.

Aye-Ayes have been growing in number over the past years but the amount of grubs to eat and places to live can only hold so many.

Before all of the food the Aya-Aye population was very low and they were endangered, but since the grubs have been reproducing tremendously Aye-Ayes have more food and this has caused the number of population to increase

Aye-Ayes have been immigrating for the plentiful amount of grubs.

But they have been emigrating because of the lack of space for the nocturnal lemur to thrive.

All of the grubs have been increasing the number of births.

Density Dependent

But all of the births is causing fights for land between the Aye-Ayes and is causing some to die because they have nowhere to go.

Also the Lion population has been increasing and they have been eating a loot of the Aye-Ayes being born.

Density Independent

There have been a lot of natural disasters in the past years like tornadoes and floods that have been wiping out many of the aye-ayes in the past years.

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