Ultimate By: Sophie and Charlotte

For this project we were asked to design a utopian society and answer specific questions about it. During the past week we have created a presentation answering all of these questions. So, you can get the best idea of what are utopian society would look like. On the next page we will go though the different questions that we will be answering during this presentation. We hope you enjoy it and learn a lot. So, with out further adu... Welcome to our utopian society.

Table of Contents

  1. Government
  2. Education
  3. Family
  4. Housing
  5. Employment
  6. Money
  7. Transportation
  8. Environment/climate
  9. Recreation
  10. Technology


Name 10 rules or Laws in your community?

  1. No lying
  2. You have the right to appear in front of judge before further actions are taken
  3. You can't be out after your curfew
  4. You can't drink more then 2 glasses of alcohol the legal age is 20
  5. No drinking and driving
  6. No murder
  7. Celebrations of any kinds other then birthdays are not aloud
  8. No noise disturbance in the community
  9. Abusing is not tolerated in out community and you will pay consequencest
  10. No littering

Who makes the laws?

Charlotte Jewell and Sophie Gonyou the founders of Ultimate create the laws for the community. If we ever want to change a rule or law we ask the group members of Ultimate for their opinion.

How are the laws inforced?

Our laws are inforced by the people of Ultimate, if they see anyone breaking a law or rule they are to directly tell someone in the main office. They are also inforced by security cameras located all over the community, if we see anyone breaking a law through the security cameras they are to appear infront of a Judge.

Is your Community a democracy? A dictatorship? A monarchy?

Our community is a democracy, we have two people that pitch new ideas to a group of members in Ultimate. If the group agrees we the idea then it becomes a new law for the community.

What happens when a person in our community breaks a law?

If someone in our community were to break one of the rules or laws the would have to appear in front of a judge for their punishment.


What will school be like in our community/what subjects will be taught?

In our community we have school just like ours and The Givers. But, the days are shorter, and starting from grade five you get to choose what subjects you want to take. Since school days are shorter you spend the time after school and before dinner doing community hours of your choice.

How will education serve the community?

Education will serve our community by helping us choose what jobs the people of Ultimate receive. At the end of grade 8 the kids in school will take an apitude test to detrimen what job is best fit for them.

How will schools in your community be different from schools in your community now?

The school in our community is different from the school we go to because you get to chose what subjects you want to take starting at grade five. As where here we have to take a variety of different classes even if we don't want to do them. Our school days also last four hours and thirty minutes but here they last six hours and fifteen minutes.


What are our family's like in ultimate?

Ultimate is filled with average family's just like mine and yours. Unlike The Giver you live with your birth parents and our form of control is you can only have two children no more no less. If you are having trouble producing kids of your own we have doners for children.

How many kids does each family have?

Each family has two kids no more no less. This is for medical and housing reasons. Medical because each family member gets a certain amount of medical care and there are a certain amounts of bedrooms in each house.

Does everyone in each family live in the same dwelling why or why not?

Yes every member in each family lives in the same dwelling, this is because unlike the giver in Ultimate we have feelings so we want everyone in each family unit to experience Love.


What are the neighborhoods like in our community?

In our community all the neighborhoods are a safe inviorment because of the morning injections. The neighborhoods also have the same rules the curfew changes throughout the days. Each night every member of each dwelling gets a piece of paper telling them all the activities that they are doing the next day. It also tells them what time to get up, their curfew, what they are eating at each meal, etc.

Do people live in separate houses? In townhouses? In apartments? In tents?

The people of Ultimate all live in seprate houses. This is so they get a sense of privacy but really all the houses are lined with hidden sincerity cameras in the open spaces like living rooms and kitchens. Also, in the more private areas like bedrooms and washrooms their are hidden speakers so nothing bad ever happenes. But, the speakers and microphones are never turned on unless nessary.

Describe the dwellings in our community. Are all the houses the same or different?

In our community all of our dwellings look the same. Oh the inside and outside everything is black white or gray. All of the houses are in the shape of a triangle. Each house has three sections to it at the top of the triangle is the parents room and a bath room. In the middle section of the triangle is it the 2 bedrooms for each of the kids and another bathroom. And, on the bottom section of the triangle it is where the kitchen, another bathroom, and living room is located.

Houses and communities

We chose to do the houses this way because we felt it's what best fit our Ultimate community. We did our dwellings like we did because since all of them are the same it gives a sense of control. Doing the community the ways it is shows organization and unity.


Five important job descriptions

Medical Doctor: they can specialize in a bunch of different medical areas. But in general they help those who are sick or need treatment. The people to be chosen for a doctor are the people that spend most volunteer hours at the hospital and are very intelligent. They are trained for the job by working in the hospital and being tought by the more experienced doctors.

Teacher: provides the education for all kids in Ultimate. The people to be chosen for a teacher are the ones that spend volunteer hours at different job locations and know much knowledge about different things. People are trained for this job by always learning more about the different subjects and they start by becoming an TA (teachers assistant) for the grade they want to teach.

Engineer: design materials, structures, and systems for the Ultimate community. The people chosen for an engineer are very intelligent people that have good grades in school and are good with materials and creating structures. People are trained for this job by taking special classes for the engineer you want to become.

Repair/construction worker: repairs anything that brakes or stops working and builds anything that Ultimate needs. The people chosen for this job are the ones that love fixing and building things and that are intelligent when it comes to technology. People are trained for this job by learning more about how to fix and build things and having someone train them.

Pilots: like in The Giver, the pilots in Ultimate fly to Abroad and get food, crops, and water for the people of Ultimate to survive. The people chosen for this job are one who have shown an interest in technology and aircrafts. People are trained for this job by researching the products they will have to retrieve from Abroad and by practising how to fly an aircraft.


What is your money called?

Our money is called Ults, all our money is in bills, no coins, this means that whenever you purchase something it is rounded to the nearest Ult. One Ult is worth our dollar. The Ult bills come in quantities of one, two, ten, fifteen, thirty, fifty, seventy and one hundred.

What does it look like?

All of our bills are different colours, our one Ult Bill is blue, our two Ult Bill is purple, our ten Ult Bill is green, our fifteen Ult Bill is red, our thirty Ult Bill is yellow, our fifty Ult Bill Is orange, our seventy Ult Bill is gray and our 100 Ult Bill is white.

How does the system work?

Like most places in the world in Ultimate you get paid based on the work you do and how hard you work. Everyone is given a watch before they begin working for a spusific job. The watch monitors how much work you did in that day, how hard you work and how long you work for. This detrimens how much money you receive at the end of the day. Everyone gets paid how they choose, in cash or directly to their bank accounts. But, in Ultimate there is no credit cards, just debit cards and cash.


How do people get around in your community?

In Untimate people get around by using electric scooters that are charged at night and are run by electricity. Everyone receives their first scooter when they turn 9.

Is there a system of mass transit? Why or why not?

We do have a system of mass transit in our community, we have street cars because they are run by electricity. The reason we chose the streetcars is beacuse since they are run by electricity they do not pollute our community, which leaves fresh and healthy air for the people of Ultimate to breath.

EnvioRnment/ climate

What is the climate like in our community?

In our community we have just spring and fall this is because if we had summer and it was really hot people would be wanted it to be winter and no one would have to experience sunburns, but if it's winter and it's really cold people will want it to be summer and wouldn't have to experience frostbite. But if we have just spring and fall it is a nice and cool but also a warm climate that everyone will enjoy. Also, since it's always about the same temputure people don't have to spend money on bathing suits or snowpants.

Are there animals in our community?

No, there are not any animals in our community this is beacuse we would not know how to control the animals, even if they were trained they are not always perfect.


How much time do people spend on recreation each week?

People have two days off a week, Wednesday and Thursday. These are consider to be there weekend where they spend time with there family and play at the park.

What do people do for fun in our utopian community?

In Ultimate there are a few things people can do on Wednesday and Thursday when they have the days off. There is a park located in the middle of Ultimate, there is a trampoline park and there are beaches. The trampoline park is also located near the hospital just in case anyone gets hurt.

Does the goverment control how people spend their free time?

The goverment of Ultimate does control how the community spends their free time. They have created 2 designated days (Wednesday and Thursday) that are the only days where you can use the park, beach, and trampoline area.

How is this different from the way people spend their free time in the community that you live in now?

In the community that we live in now it is different from Ultimate because here we can do anything with our free time any day of the week, but in Ultimate you get a piece of paper stating what you will be doing for the day. Also there are two days for the weekend where family's in Ultimate spend time together.


Are they technology advanced?

Yes, in Ultimate eveything is completely run my technology. In fact every dwelling comes with four phones that control everything in the dwelling, doing anything from turning on the tv to flushing the toilet. But, to have control there are no apps and eveything that you do on the phones is monitored. Each child receives their phone at the age of 12.

Do the people live a more simple life?

Yes, because of the advanced technology in Ultimate it makes it easier for everyone. Almost everything can be done by a push of a button.

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