Immigration by belinda contreras

Immiagration is when people are being taken away from familys.And that this is an issue because some parts of family are being seperated and thsi is affecting me cause my cousin.

The lack of freedom they didn't was that they were not being seperated and 50 years ago it was the same thing we had and that they might have something different of ours.

50 years from now we won't have immigration and 50 years ago immigration was different back then

this is how we can get freedom

some vital people that tried to help is hiliary cause she tried to do better but she surrendor cause she knew she was gonna loose

What i would do is that is that when i growup maybe i can be a layor and maybe we can help that we can let kids vote so we can know how the kids feel


Created with images by quinnums - "SFO Muslim Ban Protest" • Britt Selvitelle - "Immigration Reform Rally"

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