Soccer player

What education is needed for this career?

To become a soccer player you don't have to have a education you just have to good at soccer and work hard.

What training is needed for this career?

You have to have ball control, ability to dribble, pass and shoot. You would also have to be fast, have strength and have good stamina.

Who are the largest employers for this career/ field

There is the assistant manager, soccer instructor, assistant coach and the soccer coach.

Where can one find work in this field?

There are different positions to play in the soccer field for different persons. There is a goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and attackers.

What is the average starting salary?

In MLS the beginners or youth make around 35,125 a year. It is also depends on what position you play because attackers and midfielders make more money than defenders and goalkeepers.

What is the average ten-year salary?

It depends in what league you are in, for a example in premier league the average player makes about 2.5 million.

What is the long-term outlook for this career?

You have to practice in holidays and in the weekends. You can be injured for a long time and you could go to different teams if you accept the contract.

What are the working conditions?

You have to practice different things like passing, shooting and running you also have to practice every day with your teammates and you have to travel a lot to play soccer games.

What are some of the hazards or disadvantages of the job?

Some disadvantages of soccer is that you can get injured for a long time, Some people have health problems and you have to make decisions either to leave the team or stay.

What is the nature of the work?

The defenders have to stop the attackers from making a goal, the goalkeeper has to dive in order to prevent the other team from scoring and both teams have eleven players each.

What are the responsibilities on the job?

The soccer players have to respect the fans, referees and the opponents, They have to play the game fair and they have to go to every practice.

What are some related occupations?

Customer service/sales, soccer editor and head soccer coach.

Explain why you chose to explore this career?

I chose this career because I would like to play soccer as a hobby but at the same time as career. I like to do something I like and get paid.

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