Kelley (Mergen) Steiner 2007 Sweetheart

Kelley with her husband AJ "Ace" Steiner

Tell us a little bit about what you’re doing now. Where you live, etc.

I live in Mazomanie, WI with my husband of 5 years, AJ “Ace” Steiner, and our two beautiful children, Easton and Ella. I work for the Department of Corrections as a Corrections Field Supervisor, or a Supervisor of Probation and Parole agents.

What did you do right after you left UWP? (work, military, travel?)

After graduating, I was a manager at Pizza Hut for about a year as I applied for countless jobs. I became a Probation and Parole agent in October of 2011 in Merrill, WI. In March of 2013, I transferred to work in a high risk prison release unit in Madison, WI until I promoted to a supervisor.

Kelley with her husband, AJ "Ace" Steiner, and children Easton and Ella

What is the most rewarding and most difficult thing about being a probation and parole agent?

The most rewarding thing seeing things come together for someone, especially when coming out of prison. Getting that job, making their first payment towards restitution, being sober for a month, etc. Even the baby steps were amazing to see. The most difficult thing was dealing with clients who were addicted to drugs/alcohol, mostly because you could feel like you had a really good appointment with someone, and that he or she was seemingly making progress, only to come back in the next day to find out they overdosed the night before. Being an agent is definitely challenging, but those success cases make it worth it.

What do you remember most vividly about your time as a TKE?

That’s not a fair question, as a lot of my best times are a little fuzzy. I remember a lot of food making, listening to guys cry in the early morning hours, and just generally being a support for the guys. Which apparently included me driving Percy to the strip club a couple times...

What was your best day in TKE?

Of course, my best day in TKE was the day I became a sweetheart. It’s a honor that still means so much to me today.

Heather (Pasewald) Gahlman (2010 Sweetheart), Kelley Steiner, and Jamie (Licht) Kersten (2011 Sweetheart)
  1. Book or Movie? Movie
  2. Poolside or Beachside? Beachside
  3. Netflix or Hulu? Hulu
  4. Fall or Spring? Spring
  5. Blue Sky or Starry Night? Blue Sky
  6. East Coast or West Coast? West Siiide!
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Kelley Steiner

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