The restaurant name I was given to is "Syrian Dippity", a middle-eastern style restaurant located in the capital of Taiwan, main purpose is to raise charity for the Syrian refugees. The owner came from Syria, in order to neglect all the chaos presented in their country. The owner previously served in the military, as the main chef he is able to make all kinds of Syrian food. After deciding moving to Taipei, he married his wife, and created the Syrian restaurant.


At least one persona



A syrian dish logo
a Syrian men based logo



Your Rationale which should include: a description of your piece, your inspiration, write about any design problems you had and how your solved them, what was the coolest part of the piece, and finally, what you would like to do next with this skill.

When talking about Syrian, it distinctively reminds me of the iconic Syrian hats. As I was doing my research, I found a logo that interested me at first sight. It was a very simple, clear, and detailed logo resembling Syrian man. And from there, I use one part of his moustache which looked like a D, and used that to complete my restaurant name. Syrian logo+ "Dippity", "Syrian Dippity".

Since I'm used to always just drawing everything out and go with it, I never really used grid to track the scale of my logo. But this time I did, and a lot of times I was unsure about the balance and which I should centralize the most in the middle of my logo. But I used created symmetrical line to help me further interpret and reflect whether the choice I made is correct. The coolest part was definitely using Photoshop to eliminate the previous image on the picture and replace it with my own. I never really used Photoshop, It was a really fun experience to try new things that I never tried before.

I think this project was really fun experience for everyone to practice alignment and both software. Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator can be very useful at times If the user is really familiar with everything. A lot of the people in this class who took this course that are already experienced Adobe users can easily finish this project within 3hrs. However, for the people that are slightly below standard will have plenty of issues. But as long as you spend time, doing research in the perfecting you seek, this project will be completed in no time, because that is the main purpose of this course, to learn and experience new interfaces.

symmetry lines input
scaling and balancing of the persona

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