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Japan 2d form of Painting Artwork

Japanese 2D form of painting has an extremely rich history of painting, like The Great Wave of Kanazawa is a very famous artwork from Japan. This painting is famous all over the world! Things like animals, plants, birds, and flowers or something natural are usually in Japan especially art. Japan is a culture full of nature. For painting, the Japanese use prints, paintbrushes, and also wood blocks for The Great Wave of Kanazawa. Japan has their own ancient beauty from philosophy and also from the culture of ancient Japan.

This is a picture of The great wave of Kanagawa from Japan. This picture (The great wave of Kanagawa) is a very famous artwork.

About Winter and Spring in Japan

The season! Winter is very cold, snowy, and cool in the evenings. Weather is clear out there at Japan. The air is very crispy Spring has a mild weather with cherries\sakura blossoming. The flowers burst into a blooming tree.Spring has a very chilly evenings. Cherry blossoms are very popular things to see. The spring also has many beautiful festivals to celebrate , and very nice to go and celebrate Christmas outside. The illumination will brighten up the crispy, cold winter weather and evenings in a different population location all over Japan. Lots of beautiful decorations all over the place.

Spring vs Winter Cherry Blossom

This is a picture in Japan at the Winter. It is fill with lots of beautiful decoration out there at Winter.

This is Summer at Japan. At Summer, there are a lot of celebrations to celebrate together in Japan.

How to grow a Cherry Blossom Tree

First to grow a Cherry Blossom tree you need find a location that has plenty of sunlight and a good place for water. Second, find a seed or even a young cherry blossom and check with the local nursery that your planting place is not too hot or not too cold. For the cherry blossom tree to grow. The third step to dig a small hole and put the seedling in, and then cover it in with soil. Fourthly, add the soil and mix it with water. Then you compound the soil with the fertilizer with minerals once a year. Finally, you can enjoy taking care of your cherry blossom plant once a day.

Here are 2 pictures of a beautiful cherry blossom tree that is grown well and strong at Japan.


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