Vincenzo Galilei Biography by Laura Fuentes


Vincenzo Galilei was born in Saint Maria a Monte near Florence, Italy in the year 1520. He spent most of his life roaming around Italy, often in locations surrounding Florence. Galilei soon married into a family of nobles and had six to seven sons, two of which were the famous Michaelangelo and Galileo. Galileo was incredibly supportive to his father, and could today be considered as a patron to him.

Works and Studies

Vincenzo Galilei was a music theorist and classical composer. He particularly focused on the study of string instruments, and the physics of the tension of the strings. He created musical art as well as wrote many books involving his theories on acoustics. Because of his main focus on the basic sciences of physics and mathematics, Galilei was a man of Classicism.

Later in his life, Vincenzo Galilei was given the thought of the effect of tension on vibrating strings and columns of air. This came to him around the year of 1585. This official theory involved the idea that there was a ratio between an interval and string lengths, leading to the thought that this was perhaps caused by the square root of the tension of the strings. This was beyond significant for the future of music theory and acoustic instruments. Today, it could be found in libraries worldwide and all over the internet, divided into separated theories. His theory, again, was defined by Classicism because of the participation of physics and roman mathematics and sciences from earlier classical ages.

Vincenzo Galilei's astronomer son, Galileo Galilei

Vincenzo Galilei started by playing his Lute

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