Do GMOs Affect Me? olivia walter

Arctic ApplesĀ® have made a non browning apple. These apples are altered by scientists changing the way a gene is expressed. Scientists silence the 4 genes responsible for producing polyphenal oxidase, the enzyme responsible for causing the brown reaction.

Scientists that work for the arctic apples company created apples that don't turn brown hoping to encourage people to eat more of them. They argue that apple consumption has drastically decreased in past years. They also say that 40% of crops grown are wasted due to browning.


Make stronger, more resilient crops

Sell crops at a lower price

Make crops resistant to insects so you don't have to use pesticides.


Some people may be allergic to ingredients or religiously opposed to eating certain foods.

Genetic modification can be very expensive and difficult.

Genetic modification can damage the environment

I believe that we should not use GMOs. I think that it would be smarter in the long run to figure out ways to grow them organically.


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