Soccer The beautiful game

In soccer there are eleven players on the field for both teams, ten of them are trying to score on the opposing team while the eleventh player, the goalie, is trying to not let the other team score. Soccer is played on a field (also known as a pitch) are usually 120 yards long between the touchlines which are the out of bounds lines, and 110 yards across. The corners of the fields are signaled by a corner flag which is about 5 feet tall. If the ball goes out of bounds between the corner flag and the goal a corner kick will be called. On each end of the field there is a goalie box that is about 18 yards by 44 yards, and that is the only area that the goalie can pick up the ball.

The two players in the circle are about to start the game by kickoff.

A big problem in soccer games is when the offense is on an attack and a foul is committed in the penalty box. The penalty box is a rectangle near the goal where if a foul takes place in this box the team that got fouled gets a penalty shot. A penalty shot is taken by anyone on the team that got fouled. There is a dot in the middle of the penalty box where the shot is taken from. The solution of having a penalty shot is if the goalie saves the shot but if the ball bounces back into play the game will continue.

This is a penalty shot taking place.

Though many people think soccer is just dribbling and kicking a ball around there are many more steps than that. First, you have to have kickoff which is just starting the game by a simple pass. Next, you start to pass the ball around to your teammates and trying not to let the other team get the ball. During all of this there is probably a little bit of dribbling the ball around. Then, when you get into a good area or if you have space you can take the shot on goal. Finally, when the goalkeeper dives and misses the ball you should here the amazing sound of the ball hitting the back of the net and then it is time to celebrate for a few seconds until kickoff.

The two players are moving the ball around to avoid the defender getting it.

In soccer there are many good and bad things that can effect the game. One bad thing that could happen is if someone gets a red card. A red card is something that you get when you commit a very bad foul or if you get to yellow cards. A yellow card is when you commit a bad foul but not bad enough for a red card. Getting a red card is very bad because it means that whoever got the red card has to leave the game early and sit out the next game, but a yellow card is just a warning until you get a second.

The ref is giving a player a red card.

There are many different leagues in different countries. The MLS (America) is a league that isn't amazing and don't have any amazing players but it is still a good league. The EPL (England) has some of the worlds best players in the world and it is a very skillful league. Both of these soccer leagues have all types of players from many different countries and they are just two of all the leagues in the world.

On the left is the EPL (England) and on the right is the MLS (America)


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