'A walk is only a step away from a story, and every path tells.'

----Robert Macfarlane

Friends is my new collection of Black & Whites, portraying animals, and village settings in the Engadin, available as gift box, or wall prints in various sizes.

I took the pictures on a hike between Isola and Soglio - one of these days between summer and fall that are still beautiful but start feeling cooler and shorter...

While not every one of my pictures makes it into my own home, I've had these pictures up in my kitchen now for a while... Every single morning when I sit there with my coffee they remind me of sun filled days and unexpected encounters up in the mountains - they make me long to get back out there, and they always make me smile!

Printed and framed, or in a gift box - the prints are now ready for you to look at, in my studio and on the website.

The excitement of handling the first, fresh print of a new series!

Late afternoon sun creates shadow in my window display.

Friends Gift box - luxurious material, holds ready-to-hang prints.

Gift box, presented on side board in my studio.

The friends in my kitchen - on my coffee counter, always there to greet me in the morning!

More of the series next to my stove.

And if you are looking for larger, custom sizes, please let me know and we will discuss what I can do for you!

Please remember - you now can send me a picture of your place and I can simulate for you what the pictures on your wall would look like. Shipping of the prints is free - world-wide:

Questions? Please be in touch, or visit me in my studio! I will be very happy to assist you with your creative projects!

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