Google: BOLD Internship Building opportunities for leadership and development


Google started as a school project at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Its original purpose was to create a new type of search engine, that ranked search results by their relationships between websites, instead of frequency of the search term on a website.

Now, Google has expanded its international business operations to include advertisement, hardware production, software production, and a variety of internet based services.

Three Main Reasons I would Like To Take Part In BOLD

  1. Their creative and modern offices coupled with their culture makes working at Google a pleasure.
  2. Their accounting and finance career opportunities are excellent.
  3. The technology they produce has always fascinated me.

Google's Offices

Google's Mountain View Headquarters are like no other company's headquarters. From their colorful cubicles to the slides that replace stairs, every turn brings a new and creative approach to the workplace. During down time, you can head over to any of the activity rooms and play some pool, or grab a bite to eat out of the fridge, since Google provides free food to its employees.

Google's Culture

The culture found within Google's workplace is unique as well. They have kept the original "startup company mentality," meaning that entry-level employees can speak openly with the founders of the company. This freedom of speech found within Google allows any employee, or intern, to start an idea that could leave to a massive project that becomes a huge success.

Career Opportunities

By participating in Google's BOLD Internship, I will be able to show my superiors my accounting skills. Google has stated that they believe in ability over experience. As a college student, this is great news because I don't have real accounting job experience yet. The business internship itself involves working in a team to advise product teams and manage balance sheets. This will allow me to network within my team, as well as show my communication skills. By the end of the internship, I will have shown Google's employees what I can do, and hopefully will be invited to return as one of Google's private accountants.

Google's Technology

For me, interning with Google would be more than just a resume filler. Google is a company that I have been interested in for a long time. The products and services they produce are like no other company's. From the Google search engine, to their Chromebook laptops, Google is not just a company I would work for, but one I would enjoy being a part of. The Google search engine alone has changed the way we gather information. Our daily lives would not be the same without it.

In summary

I would like to take part in Google's BOLD Internship because of their creative offices and culture, their career opportunities, and their amazing technology.

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Jordan Pellon


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