Simple Machines "Think Do Test" packet

This is a page on how and what we are doing. We have think do and tests for each day and our success rate


Think: We need to start the lever today. Yesterday we finished our pulley and we got it to go 3 inches. We have not done anything yet and we are just going to get a start on it. We hope that we can finish the lever today and move on to our robot drive base.

Do: We have completed the lever and we are going to start the standard drive base. We had it catapult 2 times at least 10 feet. We had already started the base and we need to complete it.

Think: We have completed half of the base already and we are going to replicate it on the other half. There are some competitions that we would like to win so we are going to build and be very careful.

LEVER Project


Description: We must create a pulley that can lift 3 blocks at least 3 inches high


I was absent today


Do: I built a carrier for the blocks and the crank is in the process of being done. I made the pulley taller so the string would be appropriate for the size. The blocks can be contained and still move freely inside the crate however.

Test: We have not yet been able to test because the crank is being made and it has not worked. Tomorrow we wil put our efforts into the crank and the blocks.


Think: We need to finish building our crank and test out the blocks. We want to have a very big crate so it can hold our blocks. We want to have a success rate of 80% at least. We are also going to try to get the pulley taller so the wheel can fit because we have a 1 and a 1/2 foot string.

PULLEY Project


Think: Yesterday we tried our pendulum 3 times. It failed all 3. Our pendulum was not going back far enough to give the momentum to push over our blocks. Today we are going to try to lower the pendulum so there is more space for it to swing back. We also would like to have longer beams to see if it would help with the mobility of the tire.

Do: We modified the wheel and the base and made the pendulum beam longer. We also added stability to the wheel by added the stoppers on each side. Finally we changed the height of the pendulum giving it more power

Test: We tested our pendulum but it was still not stable enough so we are going to build a bigger base. We also will try to lower the weight and make it hit harder to have a better percentage of succss


Think: We did not get the pendulum to knock the blocks over successfully. We have found that the weight is a little bit too much and we need a stronger base. We are going to get a stronger base because the wheel is strong enough to knock the blocks over.

Do: We added more legos to the front and got it to balance out. We also added another wheel for more impact. The pegs also were bigger to compensate for the second wheel

Test: We got a success rate of 100. We are going to see what flaws we had in the beginning. We want to see if we can make it less weight and still get the same results


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