Town of Chase By Max Stachura

Town hall address is 8481 county road S

  1. 1st issue was about thre DNR contact person. They decided that the person has to be a town employee
  2. 2nd issue was to recite the pledge. The pledge was recited
  3. 3ed issue was on the park and the issue that could happen in the future. They found nothing and couldn't come up with anything
  4. Act on recycling and a new contract. Thay singed a 3 year contract with oconto county
  5. The act on lowering the rental on the chase stone barn. The rental went down to 1,000$ for 3 days and 500$ for 1 day

My local government was requested to lower the price on renting the Chase Stone Barn. The prices were 3 days 3,500$ and 1 day 3,000$. The local government lowered it down to 3 days 1,000$ 1 day 500$

I agree with my local government they took the request really good and lowered the price to a standard amount. I wouldn't think anyone would want to rent a barn for 3,000 just for 1 day. With them lowering the price the barn will get used way more and people will actually rent it.

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