Who was Giovanni Da Verrazzano by gabe cronin

Giovanni Da Verrizzano's statue

Giovanni Da Verrazzano discovered the New York Harbor,,the great lakes,rhode island,new jersey,Narragansett Bay,Massachusetts Bay,and the Maine Coast in the 1500's.But he didn't discover all the great lakes because Samuel Champlain found a few of the great lakes.

He sailed for France in the 1520’s.He sailed for them to find the northern passage in china.

Another statue of Verrizzano

He sailed there sailed to find the passage to the pacific ocean in Asia.He sailed in 1526.

This is the Verrazzano bridge

When he met with the native Americans they killed him.And then ate him in 1528.It was one of the lower tribes.

These aren't the native Americans that killed Verrizzano

He is important today because he found rhode Island and the great lakes.He also is important for finding the New York Harbor and Massachusetts Bay.

This is Giovanni himself
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