Pawnee county By leslie zelada

Landmarks and buildings

The first school was called Pawnee number 1. Formed in larned on June 24, 1873.

Santa Fe trail tells the story of the Santa Fe trail and includes a sod house, school house and a dug out.

Santa Fe trail center

In 1862 a post office was established at the military post at fort larned, on November 4th 1872, governor James M Harvey issued a proclamation organizing the county. Which provide for the temporary county seat at larned and appointed public officers and commissioners.

The county is also homed to large state complex west of larned state hospital and larned correctional mental health facility.

In 1917 the first federal Land Bank loan was made to A.L stock well. Farmers and ranchers found credit hard to come by. If available it was often very expensive, as much as 10 percent per month.

Pawnee county VIP's

Burdett Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1980. Burdett also discovered many Astroides.

Larned Ralph Terry was a pitcher for the New York Yankees during 12 major leagues of his baseball career.

Ralph terry

James Garfield promised to give a bell to the first church built in the community. The bell was built in 1875. Now it's called Garfield memorial wayside Chapel.

County clerk

The county clerk of Pawnee county is Mark Wagner

County sheriff

The county sheriff of Pawnee county is Scott King

Cities and populations

Burdett: 244

Larned: 4,023

Garfield: 188

Rozel: 154

Common jobs in Pawnee county

  • Banks
  • Farmers

Major events

Camp criley was a supply station for the people that worked for Santa Fe trail railroad. The name changed to Garfield because of pioneers setting here. The first trees were planted in 1880.

Sibley's camp On August 31, 1852, George sibley made a campsite for the Santa Fe trail survey team. They had to remove trees, buildings And debris to honor it as a valuable site for Pawnee county.

Pawnee fork crossing There were two crossings of the Pawnee fork. The was a wet route and a dry route. The wet route can still be seen by a bridge. The dry was difficult at times. So they built a station for them to wait until it was the right time to cross.

My county was named after...

Pawnee county was created in 1867 and named for the Pawnee Indians, who had long inhabited the area utilizing it as thier hunting grounds.

Interesting facts

Pawnee county ranked 10th in the state for total value of agriculture products sold including wheat,corn,soybeans,sorghum,Alfa, and cattle.

Pawnee county's main source of income is agriculture based.

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