Mars mission plan can we get to mars and live on it by dayne stoller 5th p.


We will launch in late summer in Florida. The goal is to get to mars and start life on it and to see if its habitable. It will take about 2 years. I sent the supplies a week a hard.

crew selection

I how bring a engender because if thing goes rong you have engender howard wolowitz to fix the problem on bored. you need 4 year of school to be come a engender. i wood wont a doctor on bord because what if we get very need 8 years to become a Dr. Einstein and and i wood wont a astronauts that can flit the rocket you have 3 years of schools named neil armstrong and i wood have a scientist to studs mars aptness fior and other stuff dr.sheden cooper

Dr. Einstein
Dr. cooper
Mr. wollowites
Mr. Armstrong

space travel

its small so we how not be a ball to take a lot of things on the spacecraft there is a top cappsoll for the people and the rest is the foull is the rest of the rockent

it wood have full that it more engorge affiliations were you can get more miles in spaces to the gallen

and i how try to do evening i could to Keep them safe and tell them about it and what could happen. My crew how be brave and helpful and be understanding and patient.

they wood need food, water, and there personal stuff and there space suits

space foods
space water

Living on mars

we would living in lava tubes are like a bunch of capsules put together to make one big capsules they are air tight so no radiation and every thing can get in.the food was in a stilled container and it looked nasty but when you are younger you with eat any thing and trying to make smaller space suit and they have recycle water and try and get it throw the air but we have to bring some water they will have to test the air grown water make an atmosphere

lava tubes
like a cave


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