20 hour challenge Maddy Marsh 5h

For my 20 hour challenge I have attempted to get a standing back tuck ,and incase you were wondering what that is it is a swing with your arms to a back flip. Some people may think that a standing tuck can be easy but it takes quality work and quality time including stretching daily and practicing daily for basically 20 hours.

I have been doing cheerleading for over 3 years, and last year the team I was in came first in the national finals. Overall for our level (level 2) we beat 153 other teams which was amazing. It has meant this year I am now in the elite team which has progressed to level 4. For this level I need a few more tumbling skills I didn't already have, so this is what helped me decide I needed to work on this for my 20 hour challenge.

This is how I started my journey of a standing back tuck:

RESEARCH: In order to achieve my challenge I needed to know physically how to complete the skill, and I needed to make sure my body was ready and I was brave enough in my mind to try aswell as being warmed up and on the right surface for my own safety.

PRACTICING: The first video was taken on the 2nd February at the beginning of the new cheerleading year. This shows me NOT being able to do the challenge!

HOW I PLANNED MY CHALLENGE: I already knew I would be at cheerleading practice 3 times a week at least on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays so I knew I would easily be able to work on this skill specifically for at least 2 hours a week during the time I was already at cheerleading. It is actually hard to practice anywhere else as you need to be properly warmed up and to practice on a special sprung floor which helps to make sure you don't get injured. I did know I needed to stretch when I was at home though which would help and I have a wobble board which I can use to help me get stronger with my balance.

This is how I planned to work on my challenge during Term 1

This is me trying to see if it helps on a bouncy-er surface:

As you can see I have worked on my technique so much now that I CAN DO IT... but it is actually a bit easier on a really bouncy surface. So at this point of my 20 hour challenge I knew I could do it, but I also needed to be able to do on any surface. The hardest surfaces are those without any bounce or spring in them at all.

and finally here is me getting it right on the sand last week.

REFLECTION: sometimes I needed more energy than others and I would look back and try to make things better. that didn't work so i tried some trial and error. I then did stretching every day before a training and my muscles got looser so it was easier to work harder and focus - that was my strategy. I was also very determined to get this skill as our first competition is in June and I need to be able to do this skill in our routine. I have learnt that if you really want to achieve something you can if you properly think about it, plan it and practice a lot and never give up.

I have enjoyed working on this challenge and will continue to think about planning and practicing the rest of the tumbling skills I need to be a good level 4 athlete in Cheerleading.

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