The world climate Cuarto de primaria

The world has a contrasting and varied climate which is affected by several factors. In the last years, climate change is an important issue due to the effect humans have on the environment and on the climate.

Weather is the state of the atmosphere in a specific place and time and is affected by air temperature, humidity levels, precipitation, wind and atmospheric pressure.

Climate however, refers to the weather conditions in a particular area of the planet over a long period of time. The factors that affect climate are atmospheric factors such as temperature, humidity and precipitation and geographical factors such as latitude, distance from the sea, relief and altitude.

On Earth we can find three different climate zones: the polar zones, the temperate zones and the tropical zone. There are two polar zones located near the poles, temperatures there are very low and the winters are long. There are two temperate zones, there is one in each hemisphere located between the tropics and the polar circles. They have four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Finally, there is a tropical zone located between the two tropics, it is hot all year round and it hasn't got winter.

Nicolás Salgado Bustillo,Olivier Díaz Tirapu, Álvaro Griñán Ortega.

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