Venus By: Hayley Garretson

The diameter or size of Venus is about 7,521 miles or about 12,104 kilometers.

This is what Venus looks like in space, just think it being 7,521 miles wide.

The rotation of Venus, Venus spins on its axis very slowly, completing one rotation every 243 earth days.

These are more exterior pictures of Venus!

Venus's Average distance away from the sun 67,238,251 miles. If you look in a it doesn't look like that far but once you get in space they are really far away from EACH OTHER.

Venus was named after 1 of the 5 gods and goddess. This planet was named after the Venus the goddess of love and beauty.

This Is where Venus is in the solar system. Venus is the 2nd closest to the sun and the smallest planet.

The average temperature on the surface of Venus is about 878 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 4 Interesting Facts:

1.Venus’s Core Probably extends outward about 1,860 miles from the planet’s center.

2.Venus has a dry, and rocky surface.

3.Even though Venus is closer to the Sun than Earth, Venus Absorbs less sunlight than Earth does.

4.About 85 percent of the sunlight that strikes the clouds gets reflected back into space.

This is also what Venus looks like in space.


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