A small north cornish town popular with tourists approximately 800 residents was flooded just by one little small innocent river.

how this flood started. it was a really bad storm the rain was that quickly it wasn't setting into the slopes so it just ran down the slopes into the river it took 2 hours for them to have one month's worth of rain

the effects of the flood

  • 25 business properties were destroyed
  • 50 buildings were destroyed
  • 4 footbridges washed away
  • pavements and gardens washed away because of the weight of the water
  • roads were blocked so the people had to get rescued by helicopters
  • burst sewers
  • £20 million insurance had to be paid out


Created with images by mcaretaker - "Before the Flood" • ARG_Flickr - "Boscatle" • Bob Linsdell - "Boscastle Harbour, Cornwall (461367)"

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