ASB News February newsletter

Hey Santanas! We have put a hidden image somewhere on this webpage and the first person to find it and show Mrs. Barbas in room 801 will win a special prize!

What's Up This Month?

3/1 Read Across America

3/6 College T-Shirt Day

3/6 Spirit Event

3/8 Lunch with ASB

3/12 End of Trimester

3/12 Minimum Day

3/13 LOL

3/14 Pi Day

3/15 Spring Pictures

3/20 Spirit Event

3/18-3/22 Gram Sales

3/22 Spring Dance

3/27 LOL

3/29 Jeans for Perfect Attendance

3/29 Minimum Day

What's Up Next Month?

4/3 College T-Shirt Day

4/3 Spirit Event

4/5 Lunch with ASB

4/10 LOL

4/17 Spirit Event

4/24 LOL

The Valentines Day dance held by NJHS on February 14 was awesome! It was an All Around the World Theme!

This year’s Valentine’s Dance was put on by NJHS! It was a huge success and tons of fun for all Santanas!

The dance had tons of fun games for for all Santiago students to play!

The Valentine’s Dance had an amazing, creative theme of All Around the World!

Lots of students had a fantastic time at the dance on Valentine’s Day! Awesome job by NJHS!

We had Spirit Events on February 6th and February 21st, competitors did an awesome job! Thank you to everyone who participated or cheered on your fellow peers! March's Spirit Events will be on March 6th and 20th

In this spirit event, the Santanas had to flip cups in order to gain giant puzzles pieces!

El Modena’s ASB participated in our spirit event against Santiago’s ASB cabinet!

Make sure you catch our next LOLs on March 13th and 27th! And don’t forget to check out March’s ASB News to see all of the fun pictures from next month’s LOLs!

Eighth grade Santanas went on their annual Walk to Elmo on February 22! Thank you so much El Modena for having us! The students had the chance to learn all about Elmo’s amazing programs and activities!

Santanas walked from Santiago to Elmo and had a great time exploring their future high school!

Santiago students got to learn about El Modena’s Performing and Visual Arts Programs as well as everything else Elmo has to offer!

Many Santanas had the chance to explore all of the elective possibilities available at El Modena!

Open House was a great chance for parents to see all of their kid's hard work! They got to see all the cool projects Santanas have made! All their hard work and tremendous progress were showcased at Open House!

Trending on Campus

Air Pods, Square Dancing, Santiago Basketball

ASB Member of the Month:

Kylie Valerio

Kylie Valerio, one of our seventh grade ASB members, is smart, creative, and always makes people smile. One of her hobbies is playing video games, but she also plays many sports. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask Kylie, or any of our other ASB members!

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