Chemistry Review Alexis santos

Redshift- Causes the stars moving away from us to look more red. From Mr. Angell
Cosmic Microwave Background- Is a glow of light that is in the Sky (space). It is the Residual heat, the afterglow of the big bang. From Scientific American
Elements in the universe is a measure of the occurrence of the element relative to all other elements in a given environment.
Galactic evolution The process in which galaxies form and evolve is characterized by steady growth over time, which began shortly after the Big Bang .


Created with images by - "#36. astroHUDFIR2004-07-b-full_tifcb" • - "#33. HUDF near infrared astroHUDFIR2004-07-b-full_tifa" • Hubble Space Telescope / ESA - "Hubble Frontier Fields view of MACSJ0416.1–2403" • European Southern Observatory - "Artist’s impression of a gamma-ray burst shining through two young galaxies in the early Universe" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "A Galactic Spectacle"

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