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Article Highlights in This Newsletter - Beware of Drone: Sunflower Labs Releases “Smart” Security System, Digital Currency for the Physical World of Business & Team Up with Microsoft Teams

Beware of Drone: Sunflower Labs Releases “Smart” Security System

When most people think of “machine learning Artificial Intelligence”, they may think of some robot walking around on two feet and learning how to speak a language. In reality, we use machine learning everyday in the form of virtual personal assistants, such as Siri or Alexa, your maps app predicting upcoming traffic, or Facebook giving you suggestions on who you may know. But at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020, Sunflower Labs has announced the launch of something completely different.

The Sunflower Home Awareness System is the world’s first fully autonomous residential security drone. The system is comprised of three parts:

• The Sunflowers - Motion and vibration sensors disguised as garden lights detect any activity near them and can distinguish between people, pets, and vehicles.

• The Bee - An autonomous drone that flys around your property to observe any unusual activity. It can be deployed automatically or manually, stream live video to your smart device in high definition, make use of its collision-avoidance sensors to ensure it can fly autonomously, and land itself back into its charging base.

• The Hive - The housing for the Bee and the central processing hub for the entire system.

Due to its machine learning capabilities, the system can detect unusual activity and send real-time alerts to the owner’s smart device via the Sunflower Labs app. The owner can choose to launch the Bee to investigate further without having to actually fly the drone. The longer the system is in place, the more it learns what is normal versus abnormal activity. This type of security is predicted to reduce false alarms to the police. It’s like having a personal guard on-premises 24/7. Customers can pre-order the Sunflower system with a deposit of $999 at CES. Before customization for a homeowner’s particular property, the starting price is $9,950. Deliveries will be made to the first customers in mid-2020.

Digital Currency for the Physical World of Business

Most people have at least heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but don’t really understand what they are. Cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital currency that operates independently of a centralized bank. A piece of technology called the blockchain acts as a record of transactions made in cryptocurrency, but it is spread across many computers linked in a peer-to-peer network. This technique effectively makes the blockchain impenetrable. While Bitcoin may be the most recognized form of cryptocurrency, it is far from the only one available. A company called SecuX Technology Inc. is bringing the world of digital currency to brick-and-mortar businesses. SecuX Cryptocurrency Retail Payment Solution is comprised of three components:

1. White-label Mobile App (or a Software Development Kit) - essentially an add-on to existing fiat-currency payment apps that allows the use of cryptocurrencies as well.

2. Payment Terminal/Module - a separate point-of-sale (POS) system that operates without an internet connection, only peer-to-peer. This can easily be installed into self-service machines, vending machines, or other existing POS systems.

3. Hardware Wallet - a physical device with a military-grade Secure Element chip housed inside that only accepts cryptocurrency payments via SecuX payment terminals.

Using SecuX’s new technology means a user can have multiple types of cryptocurrencies stored in their Hardware Wallet instead of separate apps. The middleman is cut out of consumer to business transactions, and these funds are virtually unhackable and anonymous leaving customers to buy what they want from whom they want without fear of their personal data falling into the wrong hands.

Team Up with Microsoft Teams

With the advances in technology allowing industries to conduct their business practically anywhere in the world, we need applications that help us stay connected in real time. While email is still essential, Microsoft Teams takes collaboration to another level.

Communicate via chat, live audio, or video to share ideas on a project. View the same document at the same time and coauthor to create changes and receive quick approval. All assets uploaded to Microsoft Teams are automatically saved to SharePoint, so there’s no more hastily searching for files or two people working on old materials.

Upload existing files or create brand new ones. Everyone who has been given access to it can edit the file, and their changes will show in real time as they are made. If you have a question or comment about a particular edit, use that employee’s tag (@mentions) to get their attention in chat. They will receive a notification in their Activity feed. View your own Activity feed to see when someone mentions you or directly interacts with a conversation you created.

Microsoft Teams can greatly increase productivity in just about any business. There’s no more need to gather everyone around a boardroom table to work on a presentation. Work on files independently or simultaneously to get tasks accomplished faster. Outdated file versions are a thing of the past. Keep your business running and completing tasks faster, more efficiently, and promote teamwork in the workplace.

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