The Library By: Salvatore

My favorite place on campus is the library because I feel like I am always welcome there. I feel a sort of warm comforting feeling there because the library has been a secret hideout for almost eight years. I remember the first time Ms.Bulkley introduced the lion to us. Everybody wanted to hold him, but Ms.Bulkley told us that we couldn’t touch it because we needed to be more gentle.

This is my ornament of the library. It is meant to be a 'slice' of the library. I made it out of string, paint, colored pencils, hot glue, paper, popsicle sticks and wooden dowels. The biggest challenge I faced while making this ornament was getting the floor, walls, and roof to stay together.

Diamonte Poem

This is my diamonte poem. The two topics are the library and St.Stephen's.

A library is not a luxury but one of the necesities of life. -Henry Ward Beecher

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