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Congratulations to our NA I class for successfully completing their program! L-R: Jillian West, Patricia Atkins, Swantina Baldwin, Diamond Wall, Megan Coxe, Rebecca Nelson, Tina Carpenter, and Vanessa Mendoza.

Volume 13 Issue 12

April 6-17, 2020

Your Library is Here to Help

Get online help for your final projects!

Summer Textbooks Now Available for Purchase

Use the following link to access the virtual bookstore:

Free Shipping Week for financial aid recipients is May 4 through May 17.

Questions? Contact Alexa Linnell at linnella@montgomery.edu.

News for Students Who Are Paying on Student Loans

On Friday, March 20, the Department of Education announced relief for student loan borrowers. For at least the next 60 days, borrowers may suspend federal student loan payments without penalty or accruing interest. This loan deferral may be extended in the future, if needed.

Individuals should contact their lenders for more information on how this affects them and to request suspension of payments, if needed. Individuals should not stop making loan payments without first talking to their lenders, as this could result in loan default and penalties.

Not So Volleyball Tournaments

2009 - 2019

It's that time of year, and thoughts turn to Spring Fling and the annual Not So Volleyball Tournament. Just for fun, Yourspace features some of the more inventive team themes over the last ten years. The final picture in this series is of the very first Polar Volleyball champions in 2009: Gunsmithing's Team Shotgun.

Happy Spring Y'all!


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