How much pollution is too much? By: Trevor Hartman

Pollution is becoming a huge problem across the world. Major companies are putting pollutants into the air, while we're supporting them by buying their products. If something isn't done, our planet could easily be destroyed.

Your everyday life is contributing to pollution. When you throw plastic bottles in the trash, you are making land fills worse. Instead, you can recycle your plastic and other materials. When you drive your car, you are using gasoline and putting off harmful gases into the air. Instead of driving your car everywhere, you could walk. Another way to help is to switch to a eco-friendly car, or a car that uses electricity, not gasoline.

You can fix our pollution problem by recycling instead of throwing things away. Recycling helps the environment from stopping trash from going to a landfill, where it will be burned and pollute the air.

There are many other ways you can put a stop to pollution, for more information you can visit


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