The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde By: Adam Suedkamp


  • The setting of this novel is in Victorian England, in London
  • The time frame is in the 1800's.
  • Effects on the novel? The setting has many effects on the novel, a few of the main ones being that the people are into manners such as minding their own business, going about their daily routines, and the gap between the poor and the rich.
  • We also see a development of law and order in this time period, so murder is harder to get away with.


Dr. Jekyll

Physical (shallow characterization)

  • He is known as a kind, yet anti-social man
  • He seems to be sickly
  • Deeper Characterization
  • Jekyll is known to defend Hyde from others and is known to have put Hyde in his will
  • Jekyll takes drugs to manifest his evil into one being
  • He is super curious, as he takes the drug that almost gives him an alter ego, a different side of him completely
  • Jekyll fell into his fortune, inherited it, and planned to give it to Hyde who was himself
  • The Dr. Jekyll begins losing his mind when Hyde begins taking over more and more
  • Jekyll is an evil man, just as bad as Hyde, for the drug he creates creates a literal monster
  • Jekyll is all too willing to allow Hyde to run around committing atrocities while his own hands remain "clean" the whole time

Mr. Hyde

  • He is known as a demented man, seemingly sick yet with no physical ailments apprent
  • A seemingly evil look, dark and unforgiving
  • We later find out that this is the manifestation of all of Jekyll's evils into one body
  • Hyde is at first a side effect of the drug that Jekyll takes, but becomes more and more powerful the more the drug is used
  • Hyde eventually begins to take over completely until Jekyll kills him and himself with some poison

Mr. Utterson

  • Mr. Utterson is a man of law and principle
  • He is known for being a happy and kind man, despite not smiling or being too social
  • Mr. Utterson has a deep distrust of Hyde and hates Jekyll for making him look after his will
  • He is a very learned gentleman, seen as a source of wisdom and people often come to him for his advice
  • He keeps to himself or what concerns to his business, he is not nosy at all


Jekyll and Hyde: These two can be considered a metaphor or allegory for all of humanity. This can be said because they both show the contrasting sides of human nature as a whole. The show of Jekyll as a good person who is kind-hearted and polite, while Hyde is seen as evil incarnate, wrong and completely without morals in any sense, able to do any wrong whatsoever. This shows in many ways a parallel to human nature itself. Just like Jekyll, we have a dark side, a side which gives into evil, temptation, etc. We have to be strong enough to have our good side overpower our bad side, because if we let our Hyde take over, evil will reign without restriction such as Jekyll was afraid of.

Point of View

The viewpoint of this book is from a Third Person Limited view. We see the story unfold as though we are a bystander who follows around the various characters in the tale, but we don't know everything, just like the characters. It goes into first person, from Utterson's viewpoint.

Mood and Tone

The mood of this story is rather bleak and sad, for the setting is a rather dark time, with the days being bleak and sad in the book and the plot being darker still being about murder, drugs, and crime. The tone is also dark and gloomy for the author set it in this dark, metropolitan area for a reason, the author is setting up the scene for one of murder.


The main theme of this book is good versus evil, and how every person has a good and evil side. The theme here is that everyone can overcome their evil side, no matter how bad it may seem, and that we all fight a little battle between a good and evil choice every day. This shows that humans can be monsters and also saints, have no morals or be completely moral, this shows that every human can forge their own path.


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