Russia George Graham

Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex

Visiting the Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex will give you a taste of economics in Russia. This historic landmark dated as early as the 7th century. It was located at a cross rod of trade routes making it an important economic location in early Russia.

St Basil's Basilica

Another stop you cannot miss when you visit Russia is St Basil's Basilica in Moscow. This beautiful building is now a Russian Orthodox monument. It was built in 1555 to commemorate Ivan the Terrible's victory over the Kazan. The cathedral is one of the most attractive buildings in all of Russia due to its many colors and amazing onion top architecture. Here you will see a place where people from all across the country would come and practice religion.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a culturally filled city in Russia. The country second largest city is known as the "Window to the West." A czar named Peter the Great wanted Russia to be more like western European countries. The cities location in western Russia made it perfect for the exchange in culture with the west. The exchange led to architectural masterpieces such as the Winter Palace and the Kazan Cathedral. You will not want to miss St. Petersburg, a prime example of western culture in Russia.

The Kremlin

Finally, a must see place in Russia is the Kremlin, located in Red Square, Moscow. The Kremlin is a massive wall built in 1495 surrounding all political building in the country's capital. This fortified wall is epitome of Russian strength, as it has been standing for over five centuries. This political landmark is one of the places you must visit she you stop in Russia


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